5 days...

what I'm looking forward to most about 12/1/2008:
1. hearing my baby cry & knowing she's okay and healthy
2. seeing her face
3. telling her Jesus loves her more than she can imagine
4. watching my husband be the amazing father that he will instinctivly be
5. coming home as a family of 3
6. not working for 6 weeks :)
7. my feet not looking like this...

{Yes, my ankle truly is fatter/wider than my entire foot. and no, I cannot see my ankle bone.}

As Sunday night approaches I just can't begin to put into words how excited and scared and nervous and anxious and happy I feel. I love knowing that she will be here in our arms no later than Monday. I love knowing that God is loaning us this precious miracle to watch over and care for. This Thanksgiving just might be the most memorable Thanksgiving ever.


...were those contractions???

I think I had what my Dr brother calls "warm up contractions" last night...the unfortunate part about that is he said these can last a couple days or even a couple of weeks. So really it just means that my body is getting more and more ready for something catestrophic to happen. but these were more intense than just the B.H. contractions that I've been having. This was like 2-3 minutes long each, and happening every 10-12 minutes, with sharp gas-like pains every few seconds. this whole pregnancy thing is so bizarre!

but no rushed trips to the hospital yet. I don't want to be that girl that gets sent home a couple of times for wrongfully going in...(and, I apologize if you're reading this and you were that girl...no offense intended, I promise). so instead I just call my brother in the middle of the night (ok so it was 9:30pm but that's past my bed time these days!) and ask him if what I'm having is worth reporting. He said "you'll know". so, that sounds a little scarey...and I sure hope that "I know" before she's pushing her own way out!!! boy will he get an earful if that happens...

12 days til induction...

{it's about time for an update...}
We had our 37 week dr appt on Monday and she said I'm scheduled & in the books to be induced on Monday, 12/1!!! So we actually go in the Sunday night before to get the whole process started. So unless she decides to make plans of her own (and if she's any daughter of mine that just might be her route of choice...) then she'll be here very soon!

Here's my latest project that I started working on for her room...the letters for her wall. I see them in magazines all the time and just love them. So, Katie & I went to JoAnn's last night and sure enough found them for $2.99/letter! what a deal! I was about to order them off ebay, but then I'd have to pay for shipping and everything, blah blah blah, and they were I think $5/letter there. These, all I had to do was paint them white and wa-lah!

and here is an updated picture so far of her nursery and the progress that my brother has made in painting it! isn't it wonderful!?! I just love it. I love going in her room, it's so peaceful. I can't wait for her to get here. She is already so loved!


4 weeks & 6 days to go!!!

I can't hardly believe that we have less than 5 weeks to go until we meet our sweet baby girl! and...if my dr is right then it really could only be 3 weeks away...I really shouldn't count on that but I do think about it all the time--what if she comes early and is here in less than 3 weeks?!?!? I think I'm going to pack my bag this weekend actually, JUST IN CASE something crazy happens and she wants out early early.

She should be weighing in at right around 5.5 lb & 20.25 inches long, according to the i-am-pregnant website. and supposedly her fingernails are getting pretty long. I can feel her boney limbs more and more now, trying to stretch their way out of me.

I took this picture about a week ago and contemplated not posting it, but, I decided to anyway...looks so alienish...

One of my friends threw a shower for me last weekend and it was very much fun! Her nursery is coming together so nicely and is just so lovely. My brother is a phenomenal painter of murals come to find out and her room will be one of a kind, no doubt! once it is all complete I will post plenty of pictures so I can brag on him, because he's not one to toot his own horn too much.

My husband and I both took the day off of work today just to relax together and get ready for how our lives are about to drastically change. I know we still have several weeks, but we figured what the heck.

On our agenda today, first and foremost: breakfast @ the big biscuit! It also happens to be our puppy dog's 2nd birthday {or so we think} so we're going to take him to the pet store to pick out the biggest bone we can find for him. and this afternoon we plan on seeing the well-raved about movie "Fireproof". After that we may just relax, we may go to dinner, who knows. but I'm so looking forward to just spending the day with my best friend.



I realized that I don't talk that much about my wonderful husband, but here he is!This is from our trip to the Bahamas. As we're preparing for our daughter to get here, I just can't stop thinking how blessed my life is. and I couldn't have asked for a better companion to go thru this life with. I love you Sam.



This is Hayden.
Hayden is one of our good friends and neighbor.
Hayden will probably also be one of Ava's very good buddies all growing up.
Hayden thinks Ava is big enough to come out now.
Hayden also thinks she can come out thru my throat.
Hayden has a lot to learn.

34 weeks (6 to go...)

I now know exactly what the pregnant woman waddle is. It is when you get to a certain point in your pregnancy where you can physically feel your hip bones spreading apart and it's much more comfortable to walk with them wider {where they are headed anyway} rather than fight it. It's not attractive. But boy is it more comfortable.

I also think I noticed my first Braxton-Hicks contractions this week. And maybe it's happened before and I haven't noticed it, but I'm fairly certain that is what I felt yesterday. I started to feel my belly tighten, and I thought it was originally just Ava pushing outward, or moving awkwardly. but then I felt the sides of my belly sort of pull towards the front of my whole belly. very bizarre and alien-ish.

Ava is getting bigger and bigger, and now apparently is resting on my uterus and no longer is floating in me. According to the "average", she should be about 19.8 inches long & nearly 5lb! So there is a light at the end of the tunnel...I know I'll at least lose a few pounds once she comes out... :) I'll have plenty of work to do once I recover and can start exercising again.


another new friend for Ava Mae

Our friends Jackie & Chuck had their baby, Benjamin, 5lb 15oz & 19 inches long! They had to deliver via c-section, but he and mommy Jackie are both doing well. He was born yesterday, 10/16/08. Happy {belated} birthday Ben! Welcome to the world!

33w + 1d (48 days to go...)

33 week appointment was today and it went really well. My mom went with me because Sam had a work meeting that he couldn't get out of. So that was a lot of fun to have my mom there, she got to hear Ava's heartbeat (144), and she got to meet our doctor.

GOOD NEWS! At this point, she said she does not think that Ava is breech. she felt around and felt her head down and all her limbs up more towards the top. so that made me happy, even though I know anything can happen and still a chance she can move out of whack, but hopefully she'll get comfortable how she is and stay put.

We have been seeing the doctor every two weeks now, and we have one more two week check-up, then it's every week that we go! It's getting so close now!!!

My mom also started painting our nursery so we can get it all set up and ready for Ava's arrival. pictures will come soon...


33 weeks = 7 to go!

yesterday was an exciting day for a couple of friends of ours...
Mike & Stacy Scott had their beautiful baby girl and named her Keira Scott! {see their beautiful bundle of joy below}

6lb 11oz and I think they said 18 inches long. She has the most gorgeous eyelashes ever!

and, while I was walking into the hospital to visit them I saw my friends Jackie & Chuck checking in so she could be induced either last night or this morning, one of the two. so hopefully they will have their bundle of joy, also known as Ben, today!!!

Ava needs to wait a little longer to meet her new friends, but it won't be too long!

She should be about 4 1/2 lbs & 19 or so inches long, obviously give or take. Apparently, with the exception of crying, she can do everything that a newborn can do! {she's so advanced for her age...} :)

Sam & I are starting to get to know her and her routine better, and she is quite the night owl still! Every night around 9:30pm she just starts dancing or sprinting or whatever you may call it, but she just goes nuts!! I will be laying in our chair {my bed for the next few weeks for comfort needs} and Sam can see my belly move all over the place from across the room! Occasionally he will put his hand on her while she's movin and grovin and his jaw just drops at how active she is. It doesn't really keep me awake, it's more of an internal massage feeling so I like it. but she sure is goofy!!


10 things I will do...

My sister-in-law sent me the below information from this link of a mom who said basically 'shoulda, woulda, coulda'...and it seems to make sense. so, if any of you offer any of the below, since I'm getting advice in advance, don't be surprised if I take you up on it :)

here's the link

I have two kids. They are 12 and 5 now. But you would think by the time the second one arrived I would know what to do, well I was wrong. Here is my list of the things I should have done…
1) When people came to my door I should have accepted the food. I should have pretended my stitches hurt really bad so I could have got cupcakes.
2) When people offered to clean my house, I should have accepted. I never liked cleaning the bathroom anyways.
3) When people offered to babysit so I could sleep, I should have accepted. There’s nothing like sleeping the afternoon away.
4) When my husband offered to feed the baby during the night, I should have accepted. Then he could hear me snoring while he’s up with the baby.
5) When people offered to change the baby for me, I should have accepted. Why not, that will be one less poopy diaper on my grand total of the million I would have changed in the years ahead.
6) I should have never used the change table. They are useless. You can’t keep them unsupervised for one second. That’s what they made floors for…and they are free.
7) I should have let my baby use the pacifier. There is nothing like waiting in a Boxing Day line only to have to leave it because your baby will only nurse.
8 ) I should have bought more than one bouncy chair. Those chairs are multi-purpose. If the baby is fussy you can throw him in it. If he’s hungry, throw him in there and feed him. If you want to watch Ellen, throw him in there and let him watch too.
9) I should have taught my dog to babysit. There’s nothing like making your dog watch the baby. Teach him to bark when he thinks something wrong. That way you will be able to get in that time to email your friend.
10) The thing that I should have listened to is…”Sleep when your baby sleeps.” They say this for a reason. Mom’s aren’t supposed to be awake for 24 hours. We are not doctors. We need sleep. I need sleep. I should have relaxed more and did that. The housework will be there tomorrow, but will your sanity be?

thanks for the info Katie!!!

32w + 5d

Below is a link of pictures from the great baby shower that my sisters-in-law threw for me last saturday, 10/4. Thank you to everyone who was there, and to everyone who even though they couldn't make it still sent a sweet something for Ava Mae. We truly appreciate it!

here are the photos from the fun day!
and here is a better photo of the Pooh Quilt that my mom made for Ava. It gives a much clearer picture of the detail and work that went into making this. thanks mom!

Also--this photo of my mom and I where she is holding a green yarn -- we played ONE game {thank you guys for limiting it to one :)} where each person cut a piece of yarn to guess how big around my belly is. My mom was the closest, only over-shooting the size by a few inches! Becky came in a close second. and I think about everyone else thinks I'm a house :) but that's okay. no hard feelings -- I'm big and I'll own it! I do officially out-weigh my husband now...


32w + 4d (52 days in counting...)

Though the walls are not painted yet...use your imagination. And hopefully this coming Thursday/Friday I will have updated photos of the nursery with the walls in color: something similar to this color specifically.
The bumper pads & quilt (not seen too clearly but OH SO COOL) were made by my mom for Ava and given to us at the last shower. The stuffed animals in the corner Sam & I bought for her when the Disney store @ the Center went out of business, so we got a great deal on them! We got Pooh, Piglet, Tigger & Eeyore. And the mobile is from my cousins Karen & Dave. I love our nursery :)

Here is a wider view of the crib, swing, rug, etc. You can't see it, but to the left of the crib is a sweet night stand. I will get a picture of that as well because it is too cute. and the crib mess...we originally got our crib a week and 1/2 ago but the headboard was busted. We got the run-around from Babies R Us but finally got it taken care of on Sunday and they had one in stock that we could exchange it for, thankfully!

Baby Ava update: she should weigh nearly 4lb and be 18-19 inches long. This picture amazes me. And though this is a picture of a boy, not our sweet Ava, it just shows how scrunched up they get inside their mommies!We got to the dr again on Friday for our 33 week check-up. I know babies move so much, but I really want to know if she is still breech or not. A long time ago (@ 19 weeks) she was, but she's moved so much, and I've heard that babies continue to move & flip even up until delivery. So I guess it doesn't really matter. But I'm still curious to find out which parts of her body are where.


31w + 1d...less than 9w to go!

{I don't know what's wrong with me but I can't even seem to keep this thing updated on a weekly basis!}

Ava, according to my trusty website for her weekly updates, should be about 3.5 lb & 18" long from head to toe. The dr measured my belly in centimeters on Wednesday and she said the # of centimeters should match the # of weeks along I am in my pregnancy. My belly is
32 centimeters. The dr thinks I am 31 weeks pregnant. so we're thinking one of two things here: I am really 32 weeks along...or...the more plausable answer is that I'm a little bigger than I'm supposed to be...either way I'm not too upset by it. I can own it that I'm big.
My mom has been doing such an awesome job painting our house...but I don't have any updated pictures yet. I will though. Soon.

WE FINALLY GOT OUR CRIB & MATTRESS! Our baby girl WILL have a place to sleep after all!!! Here is what the crib looks like, but we will have different bedding, Winnie the Pooh to be exact.

I love the white color, the wide panels, and the arched back. I just love it. It wasn't the original one we registered for, but those were sold out {for good reason: they were adorable also!}.

Sunday, 9/28 marked a sad day for me. My fingers are officially too swolen to wear my wedding ring. Lucky for us Sam has a spare {thanks to our cat who hid the first from us for about 6 months...we got impatient & bought him a new one...} so that's my wedding ring until my fingers slim back down again. hopefully that day will come...


week 29

Friday, 9/12 was our 29 week check-up at the doc's office. Everything seems well, I took the gestational diabetes test and the nurse said if she doesn't call me on Monday then that's good news...and no call...so YAY!!

My dr did say though that she {Ava} must not be a huge fan of sweets. In fact, they seem to make her act almost comotose. Usually the baby's heartrate is 160-ish after drinking the gloucose drink for the diabetes test, and her's was at 135. The dr said this just means she's not a big sugar fan, and if I'm needing her to get moving for anything, she's going to take some poking & proding, not just a snickers bar to get her going. I blame my non-dessert-loving husband for that. but, it will only be better for her later on in life, so I can't complain. And you gotta know that he reminds me about every other day if I'm in the mood for something sweet that Ava probably won't like it...so this is probably for the best.

one of the nurses tried to encourage me to have the 'plaster belly' done...for those of you who don't know, click here for plenty of examples that are NOT me. I mentioned it to Sam after we left...his resonse...'yeah, that's just weird.' so, no offense to anyone who chooses to partake in that adventure, but we will pass. I don't even know what you would do with such an object after it's done. coffee table art? wall hanging? yeah, not really our style.

We are, however, having pregnancy pictures taken before delivery. My cousin is a fantastic photographer in the Independence area, owner of The Portrait Gallery. She will be taking pictures of Sam & I {hopefully in the near future since I'm continuously blooming...} and I can't wait!!! Sam is less than enthused, but he's a good sport and the best husband!

so--an update on our daughter:
  • she is appx 16.7" from head to toe and weighing in at around 2.7 lbs
  • statistically the average birth weight is 7 - 7.5 lbs...we can only hope and pray she is that small! I was 9lb 10 1/2 oz. Sam was smaller than that, I think between 7 - 8 lbs. so HOPEFULLY she has more of his genes come delivery time!
  • this is incredible: she is still opening/closing her eyes, and can even see silhouettes and people in the right light!
  • supposedly her size right now is about equal to that of a butternut squash, so that's fun
  • we love you Ava Mae!

(playing catch-up...) week 28

  • Ava's approximate size: 15" {head to toe} and 2.4 lbs.
  • interesting fun fact: blood/nutrients/etc. travels thru the umbilical cord at nearly 4 mph!
  • brain is still developing, making the folds & grooves of a fully developed brain.
  • her hair is getting longer {we're hoping for a full head of dark brown hair :) }
  • lots of things I've been reading about are very encouraging to do the kick-count; babies should move about 10 times w/in the hour {includes hiccups, kicks, etc.} and if she doens't move 10 times then to drink some juice, move around, lay down, just do something to get her going. so I'm trying to get better about that.

Her most active times are right before bed, around 9pm {which, I'm sad to say I had a terrible night sleep on Sunday night and was awake until about 1:30am -- I never knew she was such a night owl! she was moving like crazy!! that MUST stop when she's out of the womb} and she's usually active in the mornings around 9am, and then sometimes after lunch or around 2pm. we like to play together -- she pokes at me and I poke back. it's fun. I sure can't wait to meet her!


27w + 2d

Friday 9/5 I think I felt Ava have the hicups for the first time! I'm sure she's had them before, but this is the first time I've consciously noticed them. I was at work just sitting at my desk at the computer and felt this little pulsating feeling in my lower left part of my abdomen. It was pretty rhythmic, it felt like a pulse every 3 seconds or so, taking longer sometimes than others. It was really cool.

Sam & I had our labor and delivery class today at St. Lukes! It was sort of long, we opted for the all day class rather than the 6 or 8 week classes. There were 7 other couples with us. One couple had twin girls on the way...we're just thankful for the one girl we have coming :) The nurse talked about the hospital, about laboring at home and when you need to come to the hospital with this handy trick to remember: 5-1-1. 5 minutes apart - 1 minute long - 1 hour stright of contractions. and then always the general rule of thumb that if my water breaks to go in then no matter what. I do feel more prepared and more confident about several things...I just hope now I can remember them for 3 more months!! {that's what Sam is for though...he's my "coach"}
we practiced 3 different breathing techniques-calming, rythmic, and pattern {my favorite is just the long, slow, steady calming breathing - reminds me of yoga, which always seems peaceful}. They had the coaches participate in the breathing too, so they get used to what they're supposed to remind us to be doing once the big day gets here! Sam did very well and I am very confident we'll make a great team!

St Lukes participates in a program called BABY FIRST. this is where once the baby is delivered, they give mom, dad & baby 1 solid hour together without any visitors (assuming everything goes well with mom & baby and no medical intervention is needed right away). This gives them both a chance to bond with their new baby, a time for breast-feeding, and just in general a time for both parents to spend together with their new kiddo. They say the studies they've done with this show a lot of pro's for both the parents bonding as well as the baby's development, how quickly they latch on, how quickly they are able to stabilize their own body temperature, etc. So I'm really looking forward to that as well.


27 weeks = 3rd Trimester!

I can't believe that the 3rd trimester is already here!

here is a picture from a website I visit very frequently that I just think is adorable. though not my own baby, still precious none-the-less.

her length is now going to be measured from head to toe, not head to rump any longer...and she is over 15" long and weighing in around 2lb 3oz. I just can't wait to meet her. I am so excited and I know these next couple of months are going to fly.

I really have enjoyed being pregnant for the most part. and though it is getting increasingly more uncomfortable, it makes me almost sad that it's nearly over. I love feeling her move inside of me, punching and kicking and twirlling.

one side affect that I have NOT enjoyed however is this new onset of leg cramps in the middle of the night. For about a week solid my right calf will cramp up. Usually it's not too bad, it wakes me up enough to straighten out my foot, or pull it up to make the cramp go away. but 2 nites ago it was unbareable and I could not move! I had to wake Sam up and frantically ask him to please un-cramp my leg by quickly pulling my toes toward my knee...he did so with no complaints or arguing (I think he might have even been asleep thru the whole thing) and after some stretching it finally went away. but it continues to happen just about every night and I'm about done with the leg cramps.

and so far thru-out this whole pregnancy, I haven't had too many CRAVINGS, but I have noticed that I LOVE fruit. Just about any kind of fruit. I could eat it all day long. peaches, kiwi, apples, grapes, cantelope, pineapple, plums, you name it, I'll probably eat it.



We're continuing to try to beautify the exterior of our home, and here are a few quick pics I took with my phone to try to capture what we've done...and here is the original photo just to give an idea of the changes made:
original photo (note the weeds to the left of the door & the overgrown bush to the right...)

the weeds have now been replaced with white river rock (with an underlayment of round-up & black cloth to keep those pesky weeds away for a long time)

neatly trimmed bushes (thanks to my dad) and you can see faintly in between the bushes are tall stalks of what-will-be-pink flowers, but the buds won't appear again til next year (thanks to my mom for providing & planting those)

and our mums!!! we now have two pots just like this one, one on each side of our front door on our porch. these are yellow and marroon and oh so happy!

so, aside from keeping up with the mowing, our next big venture for the outside of our home is to build a backyard fence & stairs so our pup can have room to run and run and run (and NOT bounce all crazily like in our living room...).
and regarding our sweet little Ava, she's 26 weeks today and quickly growing! 9 inches from crown to rump -- that doesn't even include the length of her legs!! I am starting to feel her more and more crouching up under my ribs...so as cool as it is to feel her, she can be mighty uncomfortable sometimes!
She should be opening her eyes any day now, and her blood vessels are starting to form in her lungs to prepare her for the outside world--which only happens to be about 14 weeks away!!


25w + 3d

We went to the dr on Friday and she said all is well with me and Ava. Her heart-rate is slowing down now from what it originally was the first few visits (starting around 160) and now it's about 130. She gave us the info we need to get signed up for our birthing classes. And we decided for sure on delivering at St. Lukes East Hospital. It's getting so much more real now!!!

One thing I've learned to be true thru-out this pregnancy, is that what they say about frequent urination is so true...Just to be sure, I counted the other day. 11. I peed 11 times in 1 day. I didn't even know that was possible.

We had to also take our pup for a vet visit yesterday, and learned the good news that he is heart-worm free! The vet also commented that Rexy is starting to mellow out (sill has miles to go, but baby steps is good enough for us!). He said that Rex will be the PERFECT pet for our little Ava, that he will be protective and loving. He said for the first couple months to be sure to give him plenty of attention, and to not scold him for just being curious with the baby. He doesn't want Rex to associate punishment with the baby. I am so relieved that the vet has this much confidence in him!!

We're finally doing cosmetic touch-ups to our house and making it feel like our own. Yesterday my mom helped with the exterior, turning our weeded front to a rock garden. and she planted some bulbs & flowers in between some existing bushes that will most likely show it's beauty next summer. We're hoping to get started painting within the month, and by October our goal is to have our backyard fence up with stairs from our deck all complete. plenty to do before the baby gets here!!!


24w + 6d continued...

and our little Ava is the size of a Rutabaga apparently...

24w + 6d

where do I begin...
My husband and I just got back from the Bahamas so that's why it's been a while since the last update.
here is a photo from our trip, and a link to see the rest of the photos at smugmug if you're interested.

We had an amazing time and I had no pregnancy complications while I was there, which I am SO thankful for. Ava was movin and groovin the whole time, so she must've loved it too!

tomorrow is 25 weeks and I go to the dr on Friday morning for our next check-up.

here are some things that I missed updating since I've been gone...

23 weeks = she is looking more and more like a little baby doll. Her skin is a little loose, since skin is producing more rapidly than fat is. but if she's anything like her mom, it won't take her long to get caught up :) she may look a little red right now, that's because her skin is loosing it's transparency and the pigment is starting to form.

24 weeks = her face is basically now complete! Her eyes are still shut, her ears are in their correct possition now, hair will continue to grow and her eyelashes are developing. Most of her features look the way they will when she is born. She is now running out of room to do cartwheels and somersaults though since she is growing so much.

25 weeks = my uterus is the size of a soccer ball! Her heartbeat can be heard with a stethoscope, a doppler, or possibly even unaided just by putting your ear to my belly! good news: if we were to for some reason have her early, she has a good chance of surviving by now, though she would have to be in the hospital for a few months possibly. we'll just let her hang out in there for a little while longer :) no need to rush things.


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22 weeks

our sweet Ava keeps getting bigger and bigger each day! Her senses are developing daily and she's exploring the sense of touch by touching her arms, legs, and even face...and my insides...
Most evenings I can feel her before I go to bed moving around in there, and most mornings. Now-a-days though I even feel her up and around during the day, which is very cool.

And for a non-baby update...WE'VE MOVED! We bought our house and are nearly 2/3 of the way moved in! Saturday is the big U-haul/furniture day. We have our mattresses already moved, we were too excited so we wanted to start sleeping there as soon as possible. We have a dog (Rex) and a cat (Jaxon) [see photos below] who we've already moved over there with us and they are quickly getting accustomed to the ins and outs and all the secret hiding places they can find. My mom, dad, brother, sister in law & sweet nieces saved the day yesterday. We had no hot water, even though the lady at the gas places swears that the gas is on. We had pilot light issues. But with much persistance my dad finally got it working! and thanks to him and Brandon, Jaxon has a safe haven away from Rex as they installed a cat door so now he has one place he can run to where his brother won't be attacking him...

our new home...

the day we bought our first house, 7/28/08


Jaxon (nicer than this picture makes him look...though 100% just as much of a troublemaker...)


21w + 3d

our baby girl this week: Ava is supposed to be about 7 inches in lengh and almost 11 ounces in weight...HOWEVER...at the 20 week check up the dr said she was already 15 ounces, nearly 1 lb! So no telling how much she weighs right now. But a friend of ours who just had her baby 6 weeks ago said the sonogram can be off by a lb more or less so maybe she is right at the right weight. we'll find out soon enough I'm sure!

She can now taste what I taste because she is swallowing amniotic fluid for hydration, nutrition, and to practice swallowing & digesting.
and something VERY cool about this week...
Sam felt her move for the first time! It was last night, we were watching TV and I felt her moving around right below my belly button. So I had him put his hand there, and I put both my hands on top of his to weigh it down a little and sure enough over and over again he felt little patters on his hand! It was so neat! This morning she won't stop moving around either--which for now is really fun :) I'm hoping that since now I'm primarily feeling her move by my belly button and not on my left side that means she turned. and HOPEFULLY she turned so her head is down and her feet are up...time will only tell though.

and lastly, we've been doing lots of shopping already for her! My mother-in-law & I went to Babies "R" Us the other day and just had a heck of a time trying to force ourselves not to buy every cute outfit in there for her! We got her some adorable onezies with matching caps [it will be winter so she'll need to be fashionable with her hats ;) ], a really cute zip up hoodie/sweater, and plenty of other matching top/pants outfits. I think though as I think about how we will dress her, present her, etc., I really love the little girl sweats outfits. You know, the matching track jackets & pants. So I need to keep my eye out for those because I just love them. Good thing for now is she will wear what WE think is cute :) I know that stage won't last forever... so here are just a couple of the cute outfits we got for her while shopping. and even though this stuff is mostly pink, that won't be the way it is for long. I found some adorable browns, oranges, and yellows in the organic clothes online @ babies r us that I registered for and I just couldn't pass them up! She will need variety in her style.


20w + 5d

well my brother posed a very good question...What does Ava Mae mean? My research consists of whatever google gives me...and here are several different selections to choose from (seems to me they don't really know for sure where Ava came from or what it really means...):

1. origin: Germanic, meaning: N/A.
2. origin: Afghan, meaning: Voice.
3. origin: English, meaning: a variation on the medieval names Avis and Aveline.
4. origin: German, meaning: a bird.
5. origin: Greek, meaning: iniquity
6. origin: Greek, meaning: A form of Eva
7. origin: Latin, meaning: Like a bird

made popular in large in the 1950's thanks to actress Ava Gardner.

1. origin: English, meaning: a variation of spelling for the fifth month, May.
2. origin: Celtic/Gaelic, meaning: From Mary

so know we sort of know...


20w + 3d

the long awaited for name of our daughter...


after talking about it, Sam and I decided we couldn't keep it a secret anymore and wanted to share the name with others.

and, we are officially registered at http://www.babiesrus.com/
so, for your entertainment, if you'd like to see the baby items that we see fit for our girl, here is a link to our registry:


20w + 1d new pictures!

here she is:IT'S A GIRL!






AND HER TOES! isn't she cute?!? :)


20 weeks = 5 months = 1/2 way there = girl = cantelope!


We found out on Monday 7/14 that we, in deed, have a girl in me! seemingly the dr has no doubt about it. though it took her about 10-15 minutes to finally find the right parts, it's a girl. she said that she (our daughter) is currently breech, laying sideways in me. Her head is on my right side and her feet on my left, facing my spine. So that explains why I haven't felt her move a ton yet. Though I still feel flutters and little things here and there, since she's being active towards my insides I am not able to detect most of her movements. That makes me feel better about things.

She's just shy of a pound, weighing in at 15 oz (I don't know how they can tell the weight) so the dr said I might not have to wait until Dec 4 to have her, she could come as early as Nov 24! Which, ironically, is already the birthday of Matt Perry & little Matthew Baber. So whenever is fine with me, but once that day comes I'm sure I'll be more than ready to greet her!

Sam & I went to the Gap and purchased our first "daughter" clothes. I tried to find pictures online but failed. Then I was going to take my own pictures with my phone, but those just don't do the clothes justice of their cuteness. one is bright pink with white trim and says "pretty girl. clever girl. daddy's girl." and the other is white with pink trim and says "my heart belongs to mommy". we're getting used to calling her "her" and "she" and "our daughter". It's awesome knowing that it's a girl.

ALSO--we just bought our first house!! So we'll be moving in 11 days...nothing like rushing it. The closing date was set when we placed the offer so we knew this was a possiblity. So, fun fun fun! Can't wait to get the nursery all set up.


19w + 1d

since I completely missed week 18...here's what we missed that the baby has been doing:

Baby is gaining fat
Baby can hear me talk now, can hear my heart beat, & can hear familiar voices
In an ultra sound it can even be seen as sucking it's thumb by now

week 19:

Baby is moving and I can feel it! (felt it for the first time on Monday night--and now can notice it thru out the day here and there)
Baby's nerves that connect muscles to the brain have grown into place and it's movements are intentional and conscious now!
Ears stand out on the sides of the head now
Buds for the permanent teeth appear
arms & legs have reached relative proportion
this is my favorite: it's feet are but an 1" long!!! how cute!!!

Monday is the big day when we find out if it's a boy or a girl! I'm thinking about changing the color scheme of my blog to that of pink or blue, depending on the sex obviously. we'll see. I went shopping at Babies R Us and got some more Pooh stuff...


17w + 5d

so I got a little behind this week with my update. Here was our baby's size at 17 weeks, comparable to an open hand:
18 weeks is right around the corner...but I'll wait for the day to post a picture of what size it'll be then.
I can't really tell if I've felt the baby move yet or not, it's debatable. Sometimes I think maybe that was it, but nothing for sure yet.
We braved the pool the other day and my belly got some fun exposure. Maybe the best was my dad's face when he saw how big my belly already had gotten. It was priceless.

Update on our baby's features: eyes are facing more forward now, ears are close to their final position, our baby is more flexible now being able to move its head, mouth, lips, arms, wrists, hands, legs, feet and toes! It's like a real person now!!! It's finger prints are even starting to form now.

I've heard that babies at this point can hear fairly well, and loud noises might startle them. The example they used is a dog barking. Since we have a dog, I imagine this is a sound our kiddo is getting used to already. They even said that they will get used to this noise and it will be less likely to wake them once they're born & sleeping. so that's awesome.

more in a couple days...


4m + 5d

Apparently there seems to be a difference of opinion in the size of our kiddo. Currently our baby should be bigger than a softball, which is OBVIOUSLY larger than an avocado. But I've read both lately, so I don't know which to believe. Oh well. What we do know is our baby is about 5 1/2" long and weighs about 6 ounces. It can already grasp with its hands, kick, or even do somersaults! I can't actually feel any of that activity yet. Maybe in a couple of weeks.

My sister-in-law felt my belly last night and said 'are you sure you're not having twins'? :) I don't think so I said...There is always that real possibility that they just truly haven't seen it yet. But I think with the fact that I've already had two ultrasounds, surely they would have seen them both, or at least heard multiple heartbeats.

July 14th will be a big day for Sam and I, as that's when HOPEFULLY the dr will be able to tell us the sex of the baby. That's about 3 weeks away. By then, I'm hoping to feel it move (I'll be 19 weeks), and we're also hoping to hear if we get the house we're interested in or not. So this next couple of weeks for us is just going to be one big waiting game.
and here's a not-so-attractive picture of me at 16 weeks...


4 months + 1 day = avocado!

this is about the size of our amazing baby! Today will be exciting because I'm visiting Katie's infamous Grandma who has some kind of great track record of 13 out of 14 baby predictions correct as to the sex of the baby. Sam's a little unsure, I don't think he'll be ready to buy pink or blue until we get do the actual sonogram. But that's okay. I can't wait!

The only thing semi-weird & really pregnant feeling I've had so far is the other evening I started getting minor cramps in my belly and all the way around to my back and my legs. I called the dr., she said just drink LOTS of water and rest and it should go away. and it did. So now I know the remedy if that happens again.

we MAYBE found a house...we put a bid on it today and will find out sometime in the next 30 days...so here's to hoping!!!

And tonight Katie is going to take a picture of me at 4 months so I will post that as soon as we do it...


15w + 2d = softball size!

the doctor visit yesterday went very well. We listened to the heartbeat again, and she said it's at about 145. I told my friend that, she said definitely sounds like a boy to her :) so we'll find out soon! Unfortunately, we have to wait another month before we'll know though. They want us to wait until 19 weeks, when my next check up would be. That way if we have any questions about the sonogram we can ask at the same time as the check up.

our baby is now the size of a softball! I am really starting to show when I wear clothes that flatter my belly, if that's possible. When I just wear t-shirts, I still just look fat like I've let myself go...but that's okay.

Baby should now be 4-4 1/2" long. And though I don't think I've felt it move yet, my book says it should be in the next few weeks....so that'll be awesome!

We're still on the house search, looking for the perfect fit for us. still looking...


14w + 6d

My husband has brought it to my attention that my eyes are bigger than my stomach (not literally...). One would think I would start to notice that about myself, but no. Once I decide what sounds good to eat, and once we finally sit down for dinner and I have this full plate of food in front of me, I'm not kidding I take about 5 bites and I can't go much further! It's so unbelievably frustrating. This happens what seems like all the time now. A normal meal for me at taco bell would consist of a Mexican Pizza (no beans), a taco, and pintos & cheese (minus the beans and add meat). Never before have I had a hard time finishing this meal. And two nights ago, I ate half the pizza, half the the meat/cheese/sauce combo, and couldn't even touch the taco! It makes me sad. I can only guess it's due to the large growth that is happening inside of me and maybe is smashing my stomach so it can't hold as much maybe? Whatever it is, it feels like it's a free gasto-stomach surgery that people pay for so they don't eat as much. oh well. Probably for the best so I don't "eat for two" like the cliche goes.


14w + 5d

somehow I fell WAY behind on udpating this...so to catch up on lost time I'll make this quick: at 14 weeks our baby was the size of the average fist. We go to the doctor this Friday for our 15 week check-up. and hopefully we'll be able to schedule a sonogram for a couple weeks from now to find out if we have a boy or a girl!

Jill & I went shopping the other day, and since we don't know yet if we're having a boy or a girl, it's hard to buy stuff right now besides WHITE. so, we got white & gray sheep onesies from Old Navy...

And...a gift to our baby from Jill and & her sweet family are some adorable gender-neutral white onesies from the Gap. They're long sleeved which will be great for the winter!

The Disney Store is still going out of business, so we got this great snow globe for super cheap and it's super cute!

and I will update more on the growing of our baby here shortly...one of these days...


13w + 4d

According to the "what to expect" book, this is a busy week, FULL of information! It states that there is a possible correlation between the appetite of the mom and the sex of the baby...interesting...if I am finding my self 'raging the fridge like a teenage boy' then I could be expecting one (a boy...but not a teenage one). Sam says "EAT UP!" (no doubt there what he's pulling for...another male to add at the Lane residence.)

Stretch marks: hereditary? cocoa butter affect? either way I'm all for trying whatever I can to not get those suckers. Luckily though, the theroy of good genes is on my side. My mom doesn't have a one. She also said she used cocoa butter RELIGIOUSLY during each pregnancy, so it's a toss up which saved her body. or, could be a good combination of the two. Either way, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and my belly well-hydrated!

Being pregnant on the job: this doesn't affect me too much as I sit at a computer almost ALL day long. I don't have too many, if any, strenuous activities that will require a pregnancy leave of absence. So really attendance is the most difficult physical activity that my job requires, and that's easy!!

and other than that, I'm just looking forward to my dr visit at 15 weeks coming up next Friday. Still won't find out the sex yet, that we'll have to wait a couple more weeks for. But it's right around the corner!!!


13w + 1d = PEACH

The main change I've been experiencing the last week or so is that usually between 2am-5am I wake up to pain in my back & kidneys because I have to pee so badly and my body doesn't wake up to it unless it's in pain I guess. Then it goes away about 10 minutes later. I asked my doctor brother about it, he said it should be okay as long as it doesn't start happening a lot, during the middle of the day, etc. So I'm not too worried.

We have to wait about one more month and then we'll know if it's a boy or a girl. I'm so excited for that! Just to KNOW if we call it a HE or a SHE now will be a relief, and easier than always saying either IT or he/she or whatever combinations we can come up with to sort of make it both sexes until we find out.

And, I did a little research, and that red carriage/stroller that I was so fond of...$899...so I think that's all I need to say about that. I'll be registering for one that is probably a little more economical.


12w + 4d

Oh how I LOVE 3 day weekends! Only 3 months til I start working part time (either MWF or TRF) and I will get to enjoy these much more often :) I'm cutting back to part time in August so me and a co-worker can change positions, basically. So we'll cross train each other for the other's job, so we get into the routine by the time the baby is here. Then when I go back to work part time in January, hopefully getting back into the swing of things will go much smoother.

The belly rubbing has begun! And I really don't find it that envasive at all. It really doesn't bother me. I don't know if I'll change my mind the more it happens, but I think probably not. It's my first instinct when I see someone I know who is prego and showing, to rub the belly. Some like it, some don't. I think I do though.

My mom and I did a little shopping this weekend, looking at high chairs and strollers. We didn't find a keeper yet, but, there's PLENTY of time for that. Since I'm already inheriting so many things from family (ie: changing table, moses basket, diaper genie from Sue; crib, glider and some clothes from Katie; and possibly another glider from Emily) that gives me a little less stress to worry about how I will aquire these other few items.
specifically the ones Sam & I are looking at are:

The Peg Perego Skate stroller that looks like I'd really like...can't find the price...that could mean something...

The Eddie Bower stroller/car seat combo that I am really interested in for convenience mostly.

And the Peg Perego high chair--I've heard really great reviews on this. We're keeping our eyes open for sales!!


3m + 1d

here are pictures of me at 3 months...


12 weeks!!!

3 months has finally arrived! Just about 1/3 of the way there!
According to babycenter.com here is a picture and some updates on the little kiddo inside:
  • Reflexes are the most dramatic change this week -- fingers & toes begin to curl, eye muscles will clench, and the mouth starts on sucking movements.
  • If I 'prod' my belly, the baby will squirm in response, but I won't be able to feel it yet.
  • It's intestines are growing so fast they're protruding into the umbilical cord, but are starting to move into the lower abdomen cavity.
  • The kidneys are starting to do their job and excrete urine into its bladder.

According to my other pregnancy website that I love, our baby's brain is fully formed, the skin is very sensative, and it can even feel pain. It can even start sucking it's thumb! The eyelids now cover the eyes, but the baby won't open its eyes until about 7 months.

Even though the morning/evening sickness is wearing off (which I'm very thankful for!) this website says that now heartburn may start to set it. I haven't had too many problems with it, but I have noticed it a time or two.

And, with early advice from my doctor brother to stay far far away from caffine, a good alternate is this "sweet treat" idea: Instead of your morning coffee, try a cup of steamed milk with a shot of flavored syrup. Delicious — and good for you and your baby! Sounds good to me!


11w + 4d

We will sleep a little sounder tonight at the Lane household, as Sam has now officially been offered (and accepted) the position of Project Manager for the company DH Pace. He starts next week at his new job and we are THRILLED about it! Hopefully, God willing, let the house search begin!

I think I'm officially starting to show now, which is exciting :) this Thursday I'll have Sam take an updated photo of me so we'll keep track of what I looked like at 3 months along. I bought my first "pregnancy" shirts yesterday, though they were not maternity at all. They're the new trendy long shirt/dress looking shirts. I like it because it sort of clings to my belly and makes me look more pregnant and less frumpy. We'll see how long that lasts.

And our sweet niece Carolyn tonight offered us such a cute gift for our baby -- some of her own toys & animals. She offered Elmo, and donkeys, Puppets, and I think she maybe even said Cookie Monster! She has such a big heart.


more shopping and gifts!

Although I wasn't successful at the farmer's market finding any unique baby stuff (unless we decided to do our nursery in Noah's Ark attire, which would be pretty cute...) we did have success with Pooh! As it turns out, our Disney store here at the Independence Center is going out of business...so we stocked up on some Pooh stuff...

And, a gift just tonight from the Schultz's across the street (B, K, C & J) is this ADORABLE onezie, featuring no other than the Winnie the Pooh clan!