17w + 5d

so I got a little behind this week with my update. Here was our baby's size at 17 weeks, comparable to an open hand:
18 weeks is right around the corner...but I'll wait for the day to post a picture of what size it'll be then.
I can't really tell if I've felt the baby move yet or not, it's debatable. Sometimes I think maybe that was it, but nothing for sure yet.
We braved the pool the other day and my belly got some fun exposure. Maybe the best was my dad's face when he saw how big my belly already had gotten. It was priceless.

Update on our baby's features: eyes are facing more forward now, ears are close to their final position, our baby is more flexible now being able to move its head, mouth, lips, arms, wrists, hands, legs, feet and toes! It's like a real person now!!! It's finger prints are even starting to form now.

I've heard that babies at this point can hear fairly well, and loud noises might startle them. The example they used is a dog barking. Since we have a dog, I imagine this is a sound our kiddo is getting used to already. They even said that they will get used to this noise and it will be less likely to wake them once they're born & sleeping. so that's awesome.

more in a couple days...

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