It went by way too fast, as we were only there less than 3 days, but it was fun and worth it, and Ava loves to fly! 

Things we learned:

*Ava hates the sand
*Ava hates cold water
*Ava LOVES the hot tub
*People walk more in FL than we {personally} do


self-diagnosis: I have Aerosinusitis, and it makes flying miserable.


baby bella update

well, we are in week 30.  week 30 of 40.  doesn't even seem possible or real that in 10 weeks we will have two children. 

baby bella is working on her brain development this week.  seems like she is about out of space in there...so these next 2.5 months should be fun! 

and that's all the energy I can muster for an update.  more Florida pics to follow!!


Ava flew for the first time this weekend! We took a 3 day vacation to Florida. Also her first time to the beach, the Atlantic Ocean to be specific. Unfortunately, she is NOT a fan of the sand between her toes or the cold water. What she did love was the hot tub and sitting on our hotel balcony in the warm breeze.

We got here Friday afternoon, and are now at the airport waiting to board out flight. She is being such a good girl, watching tinkerbell and drinking her juicy.

This weekend we just relaxed, went at our own pace, and have loved it! She did great on the flight, didn't sleep but stayed happy so we are happy. Hopefully the flight home is just as relaxing.

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