we were lucky enough to get to go on an amazing vacation this year, just the two of us!  earlier this month we went to cancun.  and, aside from missing ava a TON, it was very awesome just to have some time he and I, to relax on the beach, and our only worries were about her.  though, when she has two sets of grandparents who love and adore her almost as much as we do, it's easy not to worry TOO much, though that worry never really does fade away. 

and, if I hadn't broke our camera while we were on vacation, we would have more than just these few good pictures to remember it by.  (well really we've missed the entire month of november in pictures.)  too bad I broke it when I did really - I could've gotten that great shot of the old man on the beach with a thong...

and then below you'll see how much fun ava was having while we were away - I don't think she minded at all having the week to do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted., since every day revolved around her :)


it's been awhile.  it's always been awhile it seems. 
sam and I just returned from a fantastic vacation and left ava for the first time ever. 
harder than it looks, but it was a fantastic get-away and are glad to be home to our sweetness that we missed so much.  yes I did cry every day, so what?  but she probably had the best week of her life, with both sets of grandparents taking turns doting over her.  she is so lucky.

we are getting so excited for family, two new babies will be saying hello to the big world next spring!  my sister-in-law sue (in Columbia) and my cousin Jen (in Dallas).  yay for babies! 

and Ava just talks and talks and talks these days, with full sentences even!  I can't comprehend how time can go by so fast.  this month will only support that what with birthday parties and thanksgiving right around the corner!  THEN AVA TURNS 2! 


Piano Lessons 101: who needs lessons?!

 family photo from the zoo last weekend

 family fun at the apple orchard yesterday

learning how to grow up way to fast from her cousins:


Halloween Line 2010:  Ava is Tinkerbell
(the outfit arrived in the mail and I couldn't help myself!)

Still to add to this wardrobe are the appropriate shoes plus tights.

And this is me, eating my words.  There once was a day that I didn't think my daughter would be the 'princessy' type.  I know, foolish right?!  and then, I don't know, I guess I didn't know how much fun it would be to see the sheer joy on her face to be all 'princessy'!  and that's what really makes it.  that's all it took.  it's irresistible.  so, we've let down our guard and we embrace the princess personailty and all that it entails.

I think also I didn't do much princessy dress up when I was younger, so I think maybe I wasn't too used to it.  I played with barbies and all, and dressed up in my mom's heels and clothes (I think), but never did I have the princess dresses that are available so easily to little girls like it is these days.  

so, tinkerbell she is!


nothing is sweeter to my eyes than this:

and these are from a couple of weeks ago - at church the fire alarm went off so we all got sent outside for safety.  turns out someone burnt the popcorn.  but we used our time wisely and took pictures of aves.

and really, why wouldn't you rock a cowboy hat AND bunny slippers at the same time?  I mean, come on.

fall is almost here!  fall is my very favorite. 
fall means baking cookies galore, cooking homemade (beanless) chili with cornbread muffins,
and these days it means increasing my nonexistant sewing skills {I haven't posted any samples yet because they definitely are not up to par yet.  but I'm practicing on my new (old) used-to-be-grandma's sewing machine that I got from my grandpa!}

It ALSO means pumpkin patches and apple orchards that are yet to be had! 
and here is a picture of what is to come this Halloween 2010 -  I know what you're thinking, and I agree.  It will be much cuter once ava has it on.  TINKERBELL!


When it's hot out, and even when it's not, Ava likes to eat these mini-ice cubes that we make. probably not good for her little kid teeth, but good for her happiness and helps keep her cool in the summer so we do it anyway.


Dear 4 years ago:
How the heck did you fly by so fast?! 
4 years ago today I became Mrs. Sam Lane. 
4 years ago I married my very best friend. 
And 4 years ago I can honestly say was the best day of my life. 
(and now I know you might be thinking - but Jami, what about when ava was born?  and any mom's out there can tell you that birthing a child in-and-of-itself makes it not the best day.  best addition to your family - yes.  best day - no.  the thing is, I used to actually think that - that the day my kids were born would tie with my wedding day as my best day.  but back then, I had no idea what birthing a child actually meant.  boy was I an idiot.) 
Happy anniversary baby.  I love you.

And now, four beautiful, messy years later:

and just for fun every year I wear my fancy wedding earrings no matter where we go.  this year we went to Cafe Verona. 
maybe last year too come to think of it...
Mainly I do it because they're my favorite and they're one of those things that makes you feel pretty simply by wearing them.  sounds dumb and superficial, I know.  but I'm just being real.


1. purchase piano
2. bribe strong men with food
3. done

we are happy girls in our home!!!  I've been waiting since Friday to post this post!  thanks to a strong and willing husband (who goes along with my crazy ideas!) and strong familiy/friends, and tacos!: 

thanks SO much to my husband (Sam), my dad (Jim), my brother-in-law (Nathan), my cousin (Erv), and two good friends Chris and Kevin.  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MOVING MY PIANO!  We apprecaite it so much, really!!

Ava's 1st piano!

Ava and her grandma playing the piano


She's warming up to the ivories!


I started taking piano when I was 5-ish and played until at least 18.  Ava hasn't quite turned two yet, but I figure it's never too soon, right?  AND - it was $50.  Yep.  $50.  Craigslist baby.  And other than those crazy craigslist killers out there, craigslist is a beautiful thing!

next project: paint the piano bench and ask my mom to refinish the top cause this thing doesn't match at all!