21w + 3d

our baby girl this week: Ava is supposed to be about 7 inches in lengh and almost 11 ounces in weight...HOWEVER...at the 20 week check up the dr said she was already 15 ounces, nearly 1 lb! So no telling how much she weighs right now. But a friend of ours who just had her baby 6 weeks ago said the sonogram can be off by a lb more or less so maybe she is right at the right weight. we'll find out soon enough I'm sure!

She can now taste what I taste because she is swallowing amniotic fluid for hydration, nutrition, and to practice swallowing & digesting.
and something VERY cool about this week...
Sam felt her move for the first time! It was last night, we were watching TV and I felt her moving around right below my belly button. So I had him put his hand there, and I put both my hands on top of his to weigh it down a little and sure enough over and over again he felt little patters on his hand! It was so neat! This morning she won't stop moving around either--which for now is really fun :) I'm hoping that since now I'm primarily feeling her move by my belly button and not on my left side that means she turned. and HOPEFULLY she turned so her head is down and her feet are up...time will only tell though.

and lastly, we've been doing lots of shopping already for her! My mother-in-law & I went to Babies "R" Us the other day and just had a heck of a time trying to force ourselves not to buy every cute outfit in there for her! We got her some adorable onezies with matching caps [it will be winter so she'll need to be fashionable with her hats ;) ], a really cute zip up hoodie/sweater, and plenty of other matching top/pants outfits. I think though as I think about how we will dress her, present her, etc., I really love the little girl sweats outfits. You know, the matching track jackets & pants. So I need to keep my eye out for those because I just love them. Good thing for now is she will wear what WE think is cute :) I know that stage won't last forever... so here are just a couple of the cute outfits we got for her while shopping. and even though this stuff is mostly pink, that won't be the way it is for long. I found some adorable browns, oranges, and yellows in the organic clothes online @ babies r us that I registered for and I just couldn't pass them up! She will need variety in her style.

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