13w + 1d = PEACH

The main change I've been experiencing the last week or so is that usually between 2am-5am I wake up to pain in my back & kidneys because I have to pee so badly and my body doesn't wake up to it unless it's in pain I guess. Then it goes away about 10 minutes later. I asked my doctor brother about it, he said it should be okay as long as it doesn't start happening a lot, during the middle of the day, etc. So I'm not too worried.

We have to wait about one more month and then we'll know if it's a boy or a girl. I'm so excited for that! Just to KNOW if we call it a HE or a SHE now will be a relief, and easier than always saying either IT or he/she or whatever combinations we can come up with to sort of make it both sexes until we find out.

And, I did a little research, and that red carriage/stroller that I was so fond of...$899...so I think that's all I need to say about that. I'll be registering for one that is probably a little more economical.


12w + 4d

Oh how I LOVE 3 day weekends! Only 3 months til I start working part time (either MWF or TRF) and I will get to enjoy these much more often :) I'm cutting back to part time in August so me and a co-worker can change positions, basically. So we'll cross train each other for the other's job, so we get into the routine by the time the baby is here. Then when I go back to work part time in January, hopefully getting back into the swing of things will go much smoother.

The belly rubbing has begun! And I really don't find it that envasive at all. It really doesn't bother me. I don't know if I'll change my mind the more it happens, but I think probably not. It's my first instinct when I see someone I know who is prego and showing, to rub the belly. Some like it, some don't. I think I do though.

My mom and I did a little shopping this weekend, looking at high chairs and strollers. We didn't find a keeper yet, but, there's PLENTY of time for that. Since I'm already inheriting so many things from family (ie: changing table, moses basket, diaper genie from Sue; crib, glider and some clothes from Katie; and possibly another glider from Emily) that gives me a little less stress to worry about how I will aquire these other few items.
specifically the ones Sam & I are looking at are:

The Peg Perego Skate stroller that looks like I'd really like...can't find the price...that could mean something...

The Eddie Bower stroller/car seat combo that I am really interested in for convenience mostly.

And the Peg Perego high chair--I've heard really great reviews on this. We're keeping our eyes open for sales!!


3m + 1d

here are pictures of me at 3 months...


12 weeks!!!

3 months has finally arrived! Just about 1/3 of the way there!
According to babycenter.com here is a picture and some updates on the little kiddo inside:
  • Reflexes are the most dramatic change this week -- fingers & toes begin to curl, eye muscles will clench, and the mouth starts on sucking movements.
  • If I 'prod' my belly, the baby will squirm in response, but I won't be able to feel it yet.
  • It's intestines are growing so fast they're protruding into the umbilical cord, but are starting to move into the lower abdomen cavity.
  • The kidneys are starting to do their job and excrete urine into its bladder.

According to my other pregnancy website that I love, our baby's brain is fully formed, the skin is very sensative, and it can even feel pain. It can even start sucking it's thumb! The eyelids now cover the eyes, but the baby won't open its eyes until about 7 months.

Even though the morning/evening sickness is wearing off (which I'm very thankful for!) this website says that now heartburn may start to set it. I haven't had too many problems with it, but I have noticed it a time or two.

And, with early advice from my doctor brother to stay far far away from caffine, a good alternate is this "sweet treat" idea: Instead of your morning coffee, try a cup of steamed milk with a shot of flavored syrup. Delicious — and good for you and your baby! Sounds good to me!


11w + 4d

We will sleep a little sounder tonight at the Lane household, as Sam has now officially been offered (and accepted) the position of Project Manager for the company DH Pace. He starts next week at his new job and we are THRILLED about it! Hopefully, God willing, let the house search begin!

I think I'm officially starting to show now, which is exciting :) this Thursday I'll have Sam take an updated photo of me so we'll keep track of what I looked like at 3 months along. I bought my first "pregnancy" shirts yesterday, though they were not maternity at all. They're the new trendy long shirt/dress looking shirts. I like it because it sort of clings to my belly and makes me look more pregnant and less frumpy. We'll see how long that lasts.

And our sweet niece Carolyn tonight offered us such a cute gift for our baby -- some of her own toys & animals. She offered Elmo, and donkeys, Puppets, and I think she maybe even said Cookie Monster! She has such a big heart.


more shopping and gifts!

Although I wasn't successful at the farmer's market finding any unique baby stuff (unless we decided to do our nursery in Noah's Ark attire, which would be pretty cute...) we did have success with Pooh! As it turns out, our Disney store here at the Independence Center is going out of business...so we stocked up on some Pooh stuff...

And, a gift just tonight from the Schultz's across the street (B, K, C & J) is this ADORABLE onezie, featuring no other than the Winnie the Pooh clan!

11w + 2d

I've been doing a little pre-baby online shopping. I was told the other day by a close friend who is a mom of 3 that as much toys and gadgets as her kids have, the ones that have stood the test of time and are still their favorite to play with are the solid, wooden blocks and other wooden, simple toys. so I found these great, unique alphabet/number blocks from landofnod.com that I think I am going to HAVE to get for our kiddo's nursery.

It says for kids ages 1 and up, so we may have to keep them put away for a while. Or maybe I'll just play with them :) And, as Katie & I found out for a previous baby shower that she hosted, they're good for kids to play with, but they're also good for decorating on tables at showers! (her's were way more old fashioned and even more unique looking though).

We're off to the farmer's market today in Kansas City. I want my kid to be normal, obviously, but I definitely want them to have a unique rhythm about them. I don't want them to be just like everybody else. I'm sure every parent probably wants that for their kid though, I don't know. So--to add to that, I'd also like for their nursery to be unique. So I'm on the hunt for uniqueness!


extra notes

I forgot to mention that my book definitely mis-lead me. they are NOT able to tell the sex of the baby at 11 weeks like my dumb book said. However, what the dr did say is that if I were to have my baby now (NOT RECOMMENDED!) then once the baby is out, they could tell me what it is. it's worth the wait.

I think I really like this idea, and I'm pretty sure that once the baby is here this is a craft that I'll like to take on:

thanks to redenvelope.com.
We could do a cool theme, like mommy & daddy's handprints, and then the kiddo's hand print and maybe foot print. pretty cool, huh? Probably won't use the same color scheme they chose, but still a thought.
Also, a very cool idea for a diaper bag is this grey one, very metro so that Sam won't be ashamed to tote it when necessary :)

11w + 1d

the dr appt was a success! My dr said that I was healthy, and more importantly that the baby was growing at a very good pace. My blood pressure was 115/58, and, I lost 3 pounds. which, I think at this early in the pregnancy isn't that big of a deal, considering it is in part to having the flu the past 24 hours. The dr that did the ultra sound actually said she hasn't seen a baby this active in a VERY long time! I said, well that's good! she said...tell me that a few months from now...so we'll see. I asked Sam if he was a spastic kid...he said probably. so that's promising!

This first picture here looks a little alien-ish, if you will. but if you look closely, you can see where the little tyke's mouth is open! and the last picture I just love because you can see the little finger bones so clearly!




11 weeks!

well 11 weeks started out not so hot...with the flu that set in yesterday afternoon and is finally trying to wear off. so that could've been cooler. but oh well. this just gives me so much more sympathy for those women who are sick their entire pregnancy. I cannot imagine.

11 weeks = large lime according to my favorite pregnancy website ever. The 2nd trimester is approaching slowly, but I'm positive it will be here before I know it.

As it turns out, I'm like a freakin leaky faucet these days. anytime I turn on one of those durn baby shows (ie: bringing home baby, the first 36 hours; triple the triplets; a baby story) I CRY! I can't help it! I think what triggers it is a) seeing the mom trying so hard to have the baby, and then BAM! there it is, and the overwhelming joy in their faces to have their little one finally arrive! and b) is seeing how much these dads/husbands love their wife and their newborn. It's a side of guys that I don't see very often, as the men in my life (husband, dad, brothers) don't show their softest side too often. In fact, I asked Sam the other day if he thought he was going to cry when we have our baby...he said no...now I don't make bets too often, but if I was a betting woman, I do believe I'd win some money that day. We'll see. maybe he won't, maybe he'll be so solid and strong and happy that tears don't enter the room. Either way, I will probably be a basket case and I'm prepared :) I'm just getting some early practice in now.

tomorrow is the big 11 week appt, so that's going to be exciting. She's doing another ultra sound, for what I don't know why, but as long as she says we're both healthy and she's just checking up then I'm A-okay with it. and I really am going to try to post more than once a week. This one has just been tough with being sick and...well...lazy...


10w + 4d

well, for starters, let's just say my husband DID pick up on my not so suttle hints about wanting to celebrate mother's day, even though we haven't had our baby yet. He surprised me with tickets to the Tim McGraw concert this summer (6.17.08) at the Sprint Center! So he gets an A+ in my book :)

Turns out my mom has had 2, TWO dreams since I've been pregnant that she's gotten pregnant at the same time! Boy would that be a treat! Our very own real life Father of the Bride Part II!

The whole morning/evening sickness thing is really starting to dwindle, so I am VERY thankful for that. The only real thing I notice these days is sometimes I'll get this wave of I think i'm going to puke...and then it goes away. That usually happens one to two times daily. Other than that I'm peeing more (real interesting...) and I'm gassy. Sam is just LOVING this, I know! :)

I've been reading up on weight gain, and I really have unexpectant expectations of myself. I don't know what to think or expect. I have gained probably 5 pounds so far...and when my mom informed me that not too much weight gain is supposed to even happen quite yet anyway...it got me worried. But since then I've leveled out and haven't gained too much more. So that's good. And, now that I'm thinking about it, this MIGHT be the only time I am very vocal about how much I gain...so that's that!


10 weeks = a kumquat...???

what's a kumquat you say? The kumquats or cumquats are a group of small fruit-bearing trees in the genus Fortunella related to the Citrus in the flowering plant family Rutaceae, often segregated as a separate genus, Fortunella. The edible fruit (which is also called kumquat) closely resembles that of the orange (Citrus sinensis) but is smaller and oval. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kumquat)

SO--we have what's equivalent to a kumquat growing inside of me!
And I know I've put this link on here before, but this week is way too cool! The little tyke is moving, bouncing and kicking all over the place! Obviously, again, this is not video of MY CHILD, but one similar in age.
I go to the dr again next Friday, 5/16. That will be 11 weeks + 1 day. Last time I was there they said they are planning on doing another ultrasound. So that's cool! I can only imagine how different our baby will look! It has arms & legs now!

Other things on our agenda, Sam's graduating this Friday so we're really excited about that! And Mother's day is this Sunday so we're having a family get together for that (I think), and my cousin gets back from Europe one of these days and is coming over Monday nite for dinner & hopefully picture & story sharing!


Oompa registry

With the encouragement of my sister-in-law, I have now set up an Oompa registry. Keep in mind everything is still gender-neutral until we find out for sure what we're having.
So, here is that link for whoever is interested: Oompa . Oompa is cool because they have no tax, they have very colorful & durable toys, and they're a bit more unique than all the toys at all the big kid toy department stores. so--again--everything so far is pretty much for either a boy or girl, but we'll be happy with either, of course :)

9w + 4d

the strangest thing happened this weekend. I was sick, but it was like I could feel the result of all my insides moving all around, if that makes any sense at all. I mean, you figure I've got something the size of a grapefruit (ie: my uterus, but probably bigger than that by now) in me, stuff would get pushed around. So it's really unexplainable how it feels, but it's not pleasant. It's rather uncomfortable.

and, not that this is a sign or anything, but last night I definitely had a dream that we were having a boy. So that's at least encouraging to my husband, no doubt :) I'm trying to warn him that there is a 50/50 shot of it being a girl, but I think he's in denial. He grew up with only a brother, and I grew up with 2 brothers, so a boy would definitely be a good fit for us I think. however, on the flip side, everytime I hang out with my adorable nieces it makes me reconsider. So who really knows. But I have every belief that if we have ourselves a pretty-in-pink, she'll have Sam so wrapped around her finger he won't know what to do with himself! so won't that be an exciting dr appt when we find out! (yes, we ARE planning on finding out ahead of time!)


9w = FETUS, 1", medium green olive!

this is an exciting week for the little tyke! it has graduated from embryo to fetus, muscles are starting to form, and it starts moving freely (even though according to my book I won't be able to feel those little movements for at least another month or so).

this is so exciting! I feel like I know it already!!! I can't wait for my 11 week check up--my book (your pregnancy week by week by dr. glade b curtis & judity schuler) says that there is a chance, a CHANCE, that if the baby is in the right position, and if it is old enough, that they will be able to determine if I'm carrying a boy or a girl. wow. I can't hardly wait!!!