33w + 1d (48 days to go...)

33 week appointment was today and it went really well. My mom went with me because Sam had a work meeting that he couldn't get out of. So that was a lot of fun to have my mom there, she got to hear Ava's heartbeat (144), and she got to meet our doctor.

GOOD NEWS! At this point, she said she does not think that Ava is breech. she felt around and felt her head down and all her limbs up more towards the top. so that made me happy, even though I know anything can happen and still a chance she can move out of whack, but hopefully she'll get comfortable how she is and stay put.

We have been seeing the doctor every two weeks now, and we have one more two week check-up, then it's every week that we go! It's getting so close now!!!

My mom also started painting our nursery so we can get it all set up and ready for Ava's arrival. pictures will come soon...

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