11w + 4d

We will sleep a little sounder tonight at the Lane household, as Sam has now officially been offered (and accepted) the position of Project Manager for the company DH Pace. He starts next week at his new job and we are THRILLED about it! Hopefully, God willing, let the house search begin!

I think I'm officially starting to show now, which is exciting :) this Thursday I'll have Sam take an updated photo of me so we'll keep track of what I looked like at 3 months along. I bought my first "pregnancy" shirts yesterday, though they were not maternity at all. They're the new trendy long shirt/dress looking shirts. I like it because it sort of clings to my belly and makes me look more pregnant and less frumpy. We'll see how long that lasts.

And our sweet niece Carolyn tonight offered us such a cute gift for our baby -- some of her own toys & animals. She offered Elmo, and donkeys, Puppets, and I think she maybe even said Cookie Monster! She has such a big heart.

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