4m + 5d

Apparently there seems to be a difference of opinion in the size of our kiddo. Currently our baby should be bigger than a softball, which is OBVIOUSLY larger than an avocado. But I've read both lately, so I don't know which to believe. Oh well. What we do know is our baby is about 5 1/2" long and weighs about 6 ounces. It can already grasp with its hands, kick, or even do somersaults! I can't actually feel any of that activity yet. Maybe in a couple of weeks.

My sister-in-law felt my belly last night and said 'are you sure you're not having twins'? :) I don't think so I said...There is always that real possibility that they just truly haven't seen it yet. But I think with the fact that I've already had two ultrasounds, surely they would have seen them both, or at least heard multiple heartbeats.

July 14th will be a big day for Sam and I, as that's when HOPEFULLY the dr will be able to tell us the sex of the baby. That's about 3 weeks away. By then, I'm hoping to feel it move (I'll be 19 weeks), and we're also hoping to hear if we get the house we're interested in or not. So this next couple of weeks for us is just going to be one big waiting game.
and here's a not-so-attractive picture of me at 16 weeks...


4 months + 1 day = avocado!

this is about the size of our amazing baby! Today will be exciting because I'm visiting Katie's infamous Grandma who has some kind of great track record of 13 out of 14 baby predictions correct as to the sex of the baby. Sam's a little unsure, I don't think he'll be ready to buy pink or blue until we get do the actual sonogram. But that's okay. I can't wait!

The only thing semi-weird & really pregnant feeling I've had so far is the other evening I started getting minor cramps in my belly and all the way around to my back and my legs. I called the dr., she said just drink LOTS of water and rest and it should go away. and it did. So now I know the remedy if that happens again.

we MAYBE found a house...we put a bid on it today and will find out sometime in the next 30 days...so here's to hoping!!!

And tonight Katie is going to take a picture of me at 4 months so I will post that as soon as we do it...


15w + 2d = softball size!

the doctor visit yesterday went very well. We listened to the heartbeat again, and she said it's at about 145. I told my friend that, she said definitely sounds like a boy to her :) so we'll find out soon! Unfortunately, we have to wait another month before we'll know though. They want us to wait until 19 weeks, when my next check up would be. That way if we have any questions about the sonogram we can ask at the same time as the check up.

our baby is now the size of a softball! I am really starting to show when I wear clothes that flatter my belly, if that's possible. When I just wear t-shirts, I still just look fat like I've let myself go...but that's okay.

Baby should now be 4-4 1/2" long. And though I don't think I've felt it move yet, my book says it should be in the next few weeks....so that'll be awesome!

We're still on the house search, looking for the perfect fit for us. still looking...


14w + 6d

My husband has brought it to my attention that my eyes are bigger than my stomach (not literally...). One would think I would start to notice that about myself, but no. Once I decide what sounds good to eat, and once we finally sit down for dinner and I have this full plate of food in front of me, I'm not kidding I take about 5 bites and I can't go much further! It's so unbelievably frustrating. This happens what seems like all the time now. A normal meal for me at taco bell would consist of a Mexican Pizza (no beans), a taco, and pintos & cheese (minus the beans and add meat). Never before have I had a hard time finishing this meal. And two nights ago, I ate half the pizza, half the the meat/cheese/sauce combo, and couldn't even touch the taco! It makes me sad. I can only guess it's due to the large growth that is happening inside of me and maybe is smashing my stomach so it can't hold as much maybe? Whatever it is, it feels like it's a free gasto-stomach surgery that people pay for so they don't eat as much. oh well. Probably for the best so I don't "eat for two" like the cliche goes.


14w + 5d

somehow I fell WAY behind on udpating this...so to catch up on lost time I'll make this quick: at 14 weeks our baby was the size of the average fist. We go to the doctor this Friday for our 15 week check-up. and hopefully we'll be able to schedule a sonogram for a couple weeks from now to find out if we have a boy or a girl!

Jill & I went shopping the other day, and since we don't know yet if we're having a boy or a girl, it's hard to buy stuff right now besides WHITE. so, we got white & gray sheep onesies from Old Navy...

And...a gift to our baby from Jill and & her sweet family are some adorable gender-neutral white onesies from the Gap. They're long sleeved which will be great for the winter!

The Disney Store is still going out of business, so we got this great snow globe for super cheap and it's super cute!

and I will update more on the growing of our baby here shortly...one of these days...


13w + 4d

According to the "what to expect" book, this is a busy week, FULL of information! It states that there is a possible correlation between the appetite of the mom and the sex of the baby...interesting...if I am finding my self 'raging the fridge like a teenage boy' then I could be expecting one (a boy...but not a teenage one). Sam says "EAT UP!" (no doubt there what he's pulling for...another male to add at the Lane residence.)

Stretch marks: hereditary? cocoa butter affect? either way I'm all for trying whatever I can to not get those suckers. Luckily though, the theroy of good genes is on my side. My mom doesn't have a one. She also said she used cocoa butter RELIGIOUSLY during each pregnancy, so it's a toss up which saved her body. or, could be a good combination of the two. Either way, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and my belly well-hydrated!

Being pregnant on the job: this doesn't affect me too much as I sit at a computer almost ALL day long. I don't have too many, if any, strenuous activities that will require a pregnancy leave of absence. So really attendance is the most difficult physical activity that my job requires, and that's easy!!

and other than that, I'm just looking forward to my dr visit at 15 weeks coming up next Friday. Still won't find out the sex yet, that we'll have to wait a couple more weeks for. But it's right around the corner!!!