5 days...

what I'm looking forward to most about 12/1/2008:
1. hearing my baby cry & knowing she's okay and healthy
2. seeing her face
3. telling her Jesus loves her more than she can imagine
4. watching my husband be the amazing father that he will instinctivly be
5. coming home as a family of 3
6. not working for 6 weeks :)
7. my feet not looking like this...

{Yes, my ankle truly is fatter/wider than my entire foot. and no, I cannot see my ankle bone.}

As Sunday night approaches I just can't begin to put into words how excited and scared and nervous and anxious and happy I feel. I love knowing that she will be here in our arms no later than Monday. I love knowing that God is loaning us this precious miracle to watch over and care for. This Thanksgiving just might be the most memorable Thanksgiving ever.

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