25w + 3d

We went to the dr on Friday and she said all is well with me and Ava. Her heart-rate is slowing down now from what it originally was the first few visits (starting around 160) and now it's about 130. She gave us the info we need to get signed up for our birthing classes. And we decided for sure on delivering at St. Lukes East Hospital. It's getting so much more real now!!!

One thing I've learned to be true thru-out this pregnancy, is that what they say about frequent urination is so true...Just to be sure, I counted the other day. 11. I peed 11 times in 1 day. I didn't even know that was possible.

We had to also take our pup for a vet visit yesterday, and learned the good news that he is heart-worm free! The vet also commented that Rexy is starting to mellow out (sill has miles to go, but baby steps is good enough for us!). He said that Rex will be the PERFECT pet for our little Ava, that he will be protective and loving. He said for the first couple months to be sure to give him plenty of attention, and to not scold him for just being curious with the baby. He doesn't want Rex to associate punishment with the baby. I am so relieved that the vet has this much confidence in him!!

We're finally doing cosmetic touch-ups to our house and making it feel like our own. Yesterday my mom helped with the exterior, turning our weeded front to a rock garden. and she planted some bulbs & flowers in between some existing bushes that will most likely show it's beauty next summer. We're hoping to get started painting within the month, and by October our goal is to have our backyard fence up with stairs from our deck all complete. plenty to do before the baby gets here!!!

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