31w + 1d...less than 9w to go!

{I don't know what's wrong with me but I can't even seem to keep this thing updated on a weekly basis!}

Ava, according to my trusty website for her weekly updates, should be about 3.5 lb & 18" long from head to toe. The dr measured my belly in centimeters on Wednesday and she said the # of centimeters should match the # of weeks along I am in my pregnancy. My belly is
32 centimeters. The dr thinks I am 31 weeks pregnant. so we're thinking one of two things here: I am really 32 weeks along...or...the more plausable answer is that I'm a little bigger than I'm supposed to be...either way I'm not too upset by it. I can own it that I'm big.
My mom has been doing such an awesome job painting our house...but I don't have any updated pictures yet. I will though. Soon.

WE FINALLY GOT OUR CRIB & MATTRESS! Our baby girl WILL have a place to sleep after all!!! Here is what the crib looks like, but we will have different bedding, Winnie the Pooh to be exact.

I love the white color, the wide panels, and the arched back. I just love it. It wasn't the original one we registered for, but those were sold out {for good reason: they were adorable also!}.

Sunday, 9/28 marked a sad day for me. My fingers are officially too swolen to wear my wedding ring. Lucky for us Sam has a spare {thanks to our cat who hid the first from us for about 6 months...we got impatient & bought him a new one...} so that's my wedding ring until my fingers slim back down again. hopefully that day will come...

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