8w + 6d

So Sam and I went to the grocery store last night, and it was the strangest thing. Everything I saw that was citrusy I all of a sudden craved it! We bought Tropicana orange juice, tangerine sherbert, frozen orange juice (so I could eat it frozen) and maybe one or two other things that I can't think of. and it was so worth it! I guess I need some vitamin C in me, that's all I can think of! at least we were already at the store and I didn't have to send Sam on a wild goose chase for all those items...at least not yet...

Sickness hasn't gotten any worse, so I am SUPER thankful for that! Unfortunately though, the flu is going around in my family and at work...so I'm on the lookout to NOT get that.

Other than that, all is well!


8w + 4d

A newly found favorite of mine, you could say it was a craving, or an excuse for the best dessert I've ever tasted...and if you'd never endulged before, I say what are you waiting for! I told Sam I'm gonna need to get this once a month!!! It's the chocolate bag from McCormick & Schmick's on the plaza. It's an edible chocolate bag FILLED with fruit (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries) and this creamy goodness that can't be beat! You should probably go get one tonight if you've never tried it before!


8w + 3d

Last night Sam & I had the opportunity to volunteer at church, like we do once a month, for an evening called Respite Care. It is a chance for families who have kids with physical/mental disabilites to have an evening of relaxation to do whatever they please and we play with their kids for 3 hours. With divorce rates rising, especially for those who have kids with disabilities, this is our chance to give back. But I feel that at the end of the night, more times then not it is them who teach me something about this world, and about our God. Our pastor put it best: these children may be different, but they are so beautifully and wonderfully made! And it is so true. These precious children have so much love to give. I just hope that if for some reason Sam and I are blessed with a child like this, we have the same compassion and love that I see in these parents of their kids. I hope we can love them as much as God intended for parents to love their children.

On a different subject, my mom is a FABULOUS quilter! and she is great at baby quilts, bumper pads, big quilts, you name it! SO--I can't wait, she's making this Winnie the Pooh quilt for our baby and it's going to be adorable! The bumper pads are going to be made out of the same colors that match the quilt. That way, once we find out that it's a boy or girl, we can make it work with whatever color we decide to paint the nursery.


I couldn't resist...

I caved and bought this last night...good for a boy or a girl!


today's 8 weeks! Check out this website! It claims that our baby is now the size of a pinto bean. (if you can't tell, I love relating the size of our baby to as many different foods as possible!) And this website has realistic pictures of what the baby (not OUR baby, but some baby) actually physically looks like right now! I'm impressed.

My friend Holly (lives in California) is due with her baby, Mikayla (?) today! Funny story about Holly, she didn't find out she was prego til she was 4 months in! Can you imagine?! She went in for her first doctor's visit, found out she and her baby girl inside her were healthy and fine, and that she was due 5 months later! talk about a SHOCKER!!! I personally like having 7 more months to get ready!

I stopped by Barnes & Noble last night and added to my pregnancy book collection. I bought the bible of all pregnancy books, What to Expect When Expecting (except I think mine is a revised one from this, maybe volume 4 or something like that). and for my husband (because all husbands should do some pre-baby reading too!) I bought him She's Having a Baby and I'm Having a Breakdown. This one is more of a comic relief book, even though it does have some very good points in there. It's just good stuff for him to know about what I'm going thru without me nagging him about every thing that I'm going thru. (who's kidding who...he'll probably read it AND experience it 100% from me too for the full effect :) wouldn't want him to miss out on any details!)

And one more book to add to my reading collection is Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. This is the one we're starting in our small group at church, Lakeland Community Church. It's me, my sister-in-law, and 4 other great ladies at church that have become close friends.


...a side note...

a note from my funny husband. I ran across this comment he posted on a friends wall on facebook regarding naming our baby, when our friend Noah suggested we use his own name (Noah), or that we use Sam Jr. and here are my husbands thoughts:

....only a very masculine baby will be worthy of the name Sam Jr meaning im thinking no less than 12 lbs at birth with a beautiful head of hair.

he must've forgotten that I would be the one pushing it out of MY body. He has no say in it's weight class. I'd prefer to have the baby well out of there by the time it reaches 12 lb!!!

7w + 5d

I don't know if I'm especially emotional right now because of my crazy hormones or just what...but reading this article about the circus about made me cry!

and if you want to help take action against circus animal cruelty, click here:

I know I will get plenty of advice from loving moms about what's good and not good to teach my kids. I can only hope that when people come across compassionate matters of the heart that people spread the word!


7w + 3d

well Sam & I got a taste of a lot of nieces & nephews this weekend! and it was welcomed with open arms!! Friday and Saturday we got to spend a lot of time with Joel & Samuel, and Saturday night Carolyn had a sleepover at our house and we went to church this morning and got to see Jules. It's great practice for the newby to come.

So far, we now have a Moses Basket, some diaper rash cream and other baby lotions, a white changing table on the way with 6 baskets included (at sister-in-laws), a crib on the way (at sister-in-laws), and a bassonette in our garage for future use! We are getting so set with nursery items from family (experienced mothers) that are being very gracious, that now we will be able to save up and buy a couple of bigger items that we really will want/need and might not be given.
here are some things I have my eye on:
http://www.landofnod.com/family.aspx?c=561&f=44&pc=61 Armoire from Land of Nod
http://www.poshtots.com/catalog/product_detail.asp?product_id=10563&basket_item_id=623003&page_action=edit&category_id=0 This is really cool website where you can select your own style of rocking chair and fabric to go with. If we decide to go this route, I think we both agree on the "Ophilia" fabric with the gliding ottoman that matches.

we're on our way! And we're toying with the idea of making the baby's room theme Winnie the Pooh, but not overwhelmingly so. My mom is VERY talented at quilting, so she'll be making the baby's quilt & bumper pads. We might just do the quilt in Pooh, and then color match the room & the pads, etc. to the blanket. We'll see. that might change 10 more times in the next few months...


7w + 1d

the doctor's office was a fun success! We do have to digress by two days though, the dr said that we are 7 weeks and 1 day along, and my official due date at this point is DECEMBER 4, 2008!
Look in the big black circle in the middle, and look right below the white arrow, and that little rice-looking thing is our baby :)

She said the baby and I are both healthy and everything looks good! She did an ultrasound so we got to see the baby and hear it's heart beat--which was AMAZING! The little beats go so fast, it's working so hard to grow into a baby! (I maybe almost wanted to cry when I heard the heart beats, but I didn't want to be a sap so I stopped myself.)
what a great day! So my next appt. is May 16th and they are going to do another ultra-sound then too. So I'll get another picture soon!!!


7w + 2d part II

point to ponder: is it possible that there is a "before life" heaven and an "after life" heaven? or, do we think there is ONE heaven, where all spirits, before life on earth and after life on earth reside all together?
I think I hope that there's just one. mainly because I like the idea that my grandparents who have already lived their lives here on earth and have moved on from this life might already know our kid(s). just something I've been wondering about and thought I'd share.

7w + 2d

I'm not really sure what to expect tomorrow at my doctor's visit. I don't know if I can convince the doctor to give me a sonogram or not...but the consensus that I've been getting from co-workers is to not expect that.
So then I got to thinking, well maybe at least the doctor can hear the heartbeat?? maybe??
otherwise I have no idea what tomorrow is for. But I'm still really excited/nervous.
I have noticed that the love that I once had for string cheese a couple week ago is now gone. I may have ruined string cheese for good...so that's sad.
But watermelon and orange juice have a special place in my heart now. hopefully I won't ruin them for good too!
and, on a side note, a quote from Juno: "I'm guessing it looks probably like a sea monkey right now and we should let it get a little cuter. Yeah. Keep it in the oven."


7w + 1d

another reason I can't wait to be a mom! see my cute cute cute nephew Sam in this very entertaining and educational youtube video:


another thing worth watching...
Sam and I watched the movie Juno tonight (click on Juno to watch the trailer). I can't imagine what it would be like to give your child up for adoption. The heart that this girl has to lovingly go thru her pregnancy for parents who so badly want to have kids of their own and aren't capable is incredible!

...and...only one and a half more days before the doctor visit!!! hope we're both healthy!


7 weeks = 1/2" blueberry

Here is a picture, though obviously not my own child, makes me that much more excited for Sam & I to have our own! This is me and my niece Julia. This might have been the turning day in our relationship, we went shopping and she napped on me for about 45 minutes, and ever since we have just clicked!

Last week our baby did a lot of growing and doubled in size!! We went from having a limabean to now a blueberry!

Although my "morning" sickness (but from here on out we'll call it EVENING sickness, because that's when it always seems to set in) hasn't been unbareable, it is noticable. I've learned the more frequently I eat, the better I always feel. So...looks like a win win for me!

Aside from my original baby purchase months before we knew one was in the making, (his/her first Gap onezie that says admi(RED)), my first purchase is a bella band. All the reviews read like it was a great product, and would help keep me in my street clothes a little longer before starting in prego-clothes. Then, post-delivery it helps keep everything in place as my body gets back close to the way it once-upon-a-time was.

And something else to look forward to is a Moses Basket from my sister-in-law Sue, who recently (last Christmas, in fact) had her own new baby. I'm SO excited about this!!

Our family seems to have a trend, Christmas time (give or take a month or two) babies are born! This Christmas will make the 5th consecutive year for us!


6w + 6d part II

another GREAT friend informed me of the following, and it made my day!

"one of the side effects (of pregnancy) is that the hormones wash across your brain and it actually makes the synapses fire slower"

I had a mishap at work and felt like such an idiot, and this little sentence above made it all better! I love pregnancy :)

6w + 6d

Some good advice from a good friend:
be thankful for the morning sickness that I have--that means my hormones are working properly. just be thankful the sickness is not worse!

and it hasn't been bad, but mine has been more of like "evening sickness". but it's nothing a little sprite and cheerios can't help!

SO--new outlook: I am so thankful for feeling sick during this time! that means my baby is growing and my body is working (hopefully) as it should be!


6w + 5d

Inspired by my sister-in-law's post from this weekend, here is something that every mom and mom-to-be some day should read.

Even though I haven't experienced labor yet in our nice, clean, comfortable hospitals here in the states, I can only count my blessings for them ahead of time. If you have time, this sure is worth reading.

Thanks to Katie for sharing this with us.


6w + 3d

It's an on-going "discussion" at our house as to whether or not being pregnant constitutes a mother's day gift. I say yes. Sam says no. I wonder how many other couples have this same discussion. I mean, I'd get him a father's day gift, it just so happens though that mother's day is coming up sooner than father's day...so it only seems fitting...right? :) I guess I'll just have to wait and see how convincing my argument really is when that day comes.

approaching week 7, and according to my journal 'morning sickness' sets in between 7-12 weeks. SO...something to look forward too...

oh and one more thing! I was browsing thru pregnancy & new babies websites the other day and found one that sends out bracelets for new & expecting moms!!! so, of course, I registered and I just got my very own pink & blue (since I don't know what it is yet) "Mommy To Be" bracelet today! yay!!


6w + 2d

nothing to write home about today.
looking foward to next week though, definitely. A week from tomorrow is our first doctor's appointment. That will be exciting. We'll get to meet our dr., and, in a way our baby for the first time. We're really hoping to get a sonogram this soon, just to know for sure how far along we are. It would be interesting either way, if we're right on, OR if we find out that we're really ten weeks along...then I'd have some reading and some mental catching up to do on the growth of our little one!!

On our near-future agenda: getting our 55lb pouncing lab into as many dog training classes as possible! I think he'll be a great family member once our baby gets here, but for now he still has SO much puppy in him. Can't blame him for that, but we hopefully can train some of it out of him. So we're on the hunt for just the right classes. My sister-in-law referred me to some friends of hers that do dog training classes. We might also check out the local PetSmart, we've been up there several times and see classes going on during Saturday mornings. I think Rex (our pooch) has great potential, he just needs to be taught better than what Sam & I know how. (feel free to leave any and all suggestions for good classes, as well as bad ones not to take.)

One thing I have learned (and have been told by older and wiser folks) is that owning a puppy is a great thing PRIOR to having children. And, obviously what little I know about motherhood, being a mommy to a puppy definitely has stretched my patience--a very well-needed lesson. Hopefully this has been sufficient training (as we now only have less than 8 months to go!).


6w + 1d

According to my pregnancy journal, we've got ourselves a 1/4" dried pea, or in other words...a LIMABEAN! sure enough the little tyke should be forming longer arms & legs, hands and feet buds with tiny webbed fingers & toes! Other things that are forming are it's jaw, nose, tongue, lungs, muscle fibres, and it's intestines and brain are continuing to grow.

I told Sam last week it's a little weird to think that something is continually growing INSIDE of me! It's weird, but of course so very cool at the same time.

I have been feeling increasingly sicker this week. Monday was especially bad. However, according to the horror stories from some family and close friends, I CANNOT complain with the little sickness I've had. And Sam's been great, getting me whatever food I MUST have while he's at the store. So all in all it's going pretty great so far.

One thing I found that looks like it will be a must have will be this trendy Jeep stroller to go along with our Jeep entourage. It only seems fitting!


6 weeks and counting

we THINK today is 6 weeks for our baby's growth so far. I have a dr. appt. on Friday, 4/18 so hopefully they'll do a sonogram to find out for sure how far along we are. We're thinking about delivering at either St. Mary's or St. Luke's East. my dr. delivers at both, so one of these days Sam & I will do a visit to both and see which we prefer.

I am getting increasingly tired every day. Yesterday I felt light-headed, hungry, my stomach ached, and my head hurt pretty much all day long. Today is getting better, work has been easy so I can't complain about that.

Stuff that tastes extremely good:
kraft mozzerella string cheese
green apples w/ smuckers natural peanut butter

stuff that smells not-so-right anymore:
my perfume, Evolve (that's sad)

day 6

Day 6 (of knowing there’s a baby in my tummy) Friday 4.4.08
I think I have a pretty good idea of what colors I want the nursery to be, depending on if it’s a boy or girl.
Boy: http://www.landofnod.com/family.aspx?c=161&f=3915&pc=61
A robin’s egg blue

Girl: http://www.landofnod.com/family.aspx?c=41&f=4353&pc=5
A Paisley pink

And Sue suggested these bumper pads which I also like:

next we have to find a house of which we can have a nursery...

day 3

Day 3—Tuesday morning 4.1.08
Today is “tell all” day. We had planned on taking both our parents out to dinner to tell them all at once. Nathan, Katie & Carolyn also joined us. It was perfect. We went to 54th Street Bar & Grill and shared the joyful news after everybody ordered their food.
My mom—had NO CLUE that was coming! She threw her head back and started to tear up with excitement!
My dad—didn’t see it coming, but seemed filled with joy and hugged me and patted Sam’s let and just kept smiling!
Sam’s dad—seemed very happy and sort of in shock. Sam said he teared up a bit with excitement.
Sam’s mom—might be psychic—she said just that week she told someone at work she was ready to be a grandma. Then she said she had been thinking about it all day and thought that maybe we were pregnant. And the Sunday before (the day we actually found out the good news) she suggested that when we do have kids she thinks the first one will be a boy. So we shall see!!!
During dinner we called BJ & Sue and told them so they were in the loop, and Sue “absconded” the phone from BJ with excitement! I’m so thankful we both have such loving families who are so happy and excited for us! we are so richly blessed with the things that really matter in life!
After dinner we started calling and telling everyone. Some people might not choose to do it this way, but I couldn’t help myself. I’m so happy!

day 2

Day 2—Monday afternoon 3.31.08
I was able to NOT tell anybody at all today about being prego...that was probably the hardest secret I’ve ever had to keep! I can't wait for dinner tuesday nite where we will tell my parents and sam's parents all together!

the baby to be...

day 1—Sunday nite 3.30.08 (which is actually about 4 weeks and 5 days in)
I was going to wait until Monday morning to take the test because I was already 4 days late but just decided if I’m pregnant then it’ll show up. If I’m not, I’ll re-test in a few days if I don’t start. Up until this point I have been taking the test and then leaving the room and Sam would be the one to read it and tell me. Well this time I just set it on the counter, and it started changing instantly! So I told sam, ‘you better come in here, you better come in here now’ and the plus sign was right there!!! We just stared at it for probably a minute and a half in disbelief. We matched up what we saw to what the picture said was positive and there it was. No mistake. we’re gonna have a baby!
I tried to do my own estimated due date and right now we’re looking at dec.2. another Christmas bundle of joy! Sam was quiet for a little bit, I think he was in shock. But as the night set it I could see he was getting more and more excited and the idea of it started setting in more.
We hung the first baby outfit I ever bought for our "soon to be child" on a white hanger and on our bedroom wall above our tv. It’s a baby gap onzie that says admi(red). And Katie already gave us some VERY CUTE little girl outfits. So who knows what it’ll be!

and soon there will be 3...

Sam & I are gonna have a baby!

we found out last Sunday, 3.31.08 and Katie suggested I keep an on-going blog during my pregnancy. so, for those of you interested, it will be here. I'm pretty much an open book, so, hopefully some details aren't too much...

thanks for caring and for reading!