4 months + 1 day = avocado!

this is about the size of our amazing baby! Today will be exciting because I'm visiting Katie's infamous Grandma who has some kind of great track record of 13 out of 14 baby predictions correct as to the sex of the baby. Sam's a little unsure, I don't think he'll be ready to buy pink or blue until we get do the actual sonogram. But that's okay. I can't wait!

The only thing semi-weird & really pregnant feeling I've had so far is the other evening I started getting minor cramps in my belly and all the way around to my back and my legs. I called the dr., she said just drink LOTS of water and rest and it should go away. and it did. So now I know the remedy if that happens again.

we MAYBE found a house...we put a bid on it today and will find out sometime in the next 30 days...so here's to hoping!!!

And tonight Katie is going to take a picture of me at 4 months so I will post that as soon as we do it...

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Matt and Jen said...

OMG your life is just too exciting right now. It's better than reading a novel really! I am glad I can have a little fun reading about it from afar!