32w + 4d (52 days in counting...)

Though the walls are not painted yet...use your imagination. And hopefully this coming Thursday/Friday I will have updated photos of the nursery with the walls in color: something similar to this color specifically.
The bumper pads & quilt (not seen too clearly but OH SO COOL) were made by my mom for Ava and given to us at the last shower. The stuffed animals in the corner Sam & I bought for her when the Disney store @ the Center went out of business, so we got a great deal on them! We got Pooh, Piglet, Tigger & Eeyore. And the mobile is from my cousins Karen & Dave. I love our nursery :)

Here is a wider view of the crib, swing, rug, etc. You can't see it, but to the left of the crib is a sweet night stand. I will get a picture of that as well because it is too cute. and the crib mess...we originally got our crib a week and 1/2 ago but the headboard was busted. We got the run-around from Babies R Us but finally got it taken care of on Sunday and they had one in stock that we could exchange it for, thankfully!

Baby Ava update: she should weigh nearly 4lb and be 18-19 inches long. This picture amazes me. And though this is a picture of a boy, not our sweet Ava, it just shows how scrunched up they get inside their mommies!We got to the dr again on Friday for our 33 week check-up. I know babies move so much, but I really want to know if she is still breech or not. A long time ago (@ 19 weeks) she was, but she's moved so much, and I've heard that babies continue to move & flip even up until delivery. So I guess it doesn't really matter. But I'm still curious to find out which parts of her body are where.

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