20 weeks = 5 months = 1/2 way there = girl = cantelope!


We found out on Monday 7/14 that we, in deed, have a girl in me! seemingly the dr has no doubt about it. though it took her about 10-15 minutes to finally find the right parts, it's a girl. she said that she (our daughter) is currently breech, laying sideways in me. Her head is on my right side and her feet on my left, facing my spine. So that explains why I haven't felt her move a ton yet. Though I still feel flutters and little things here and there, since she's being active towards my insides I am not able to detect most of her movements. That makes me feel better about things.

She's just shy of a pound, weighing in at 15 oz (I don't know how they can tell the weight) so the dr said I might not have to wait until Dec 4 to have her, she could come as early as Nov 24! Which, ironically, is already the birthday of Matt Perry & little Matthew Baber. So whenever is fine with me, but once that day comes I'm sure I'll be more than ready to greet her!

Sam & I went to the Gap and purchased our first "daughter" clothes. I tried to find pictures online but failed. Then I was going to take my own pictures with my phone, but those just don't do the clothes justice of their cuteness. one is bright pink with white trim and says "pretty girl. clever girl. daddy's girl." and the other is white with pink trim and says "my heart belongs to mommy". we're getting used to calling her "her" and "she" and "our daughter". It's awesome knowing that it's a girl.

ALSO--we just bought our first house!! So we'll be moving in 11 days...nothing like rushing it. The closing date was set when we placed the offer so we knew this was a possiblity. So, fun fun fun! Can't wait to get the nursery all set up.

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