20w + 5d

well my brother posed a very good question...What does Ava Mae mean? My research consists of whatever google gives me...and here are several different selections to choose from (seems to me they don't really know for sure where Ava came from or what it really means...):

1. origin: Germanic, meaning: N/A.
2. origin: Afghan, meaning: Voice.
3. origin: English, meaning: a variation on the medieval names Avis and Aveline.
4. origin: German, meaning: a bird.
5. origin: Greek, meaning: iniquity
6. origin: Greek, meaning: A form of Eva
7. origin: Latin, meaning: Like a bird

made popular in large in the 1950's thanks to actress Ava Gardner.

1. origin: English, meaning: a variation of spelling for the fifth month, May.
2. origin: Celtic/Gaelic, meaning: From Mary

so know we sort of know...

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