*our* days at work

Let me start out by saying that in no way do I take my situation in life for granted. I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world. I have a loving husband, a healthy & beautiful daughter, a career in this crappy economy and am truly blessed. On top of that, I get to take my daughter with me every single day to work and I couldn't be more thankful. Here is just one of the ways I am able to still get work done while having a desk job and an awake daughter:

She hangs out in the crook of my left knee while it's supported by my right leg. Sometimes she just sits there and looks at me. Sometimes she looks up at my printer for awhile and just gets in a daze. Or sometimes she will just stare and stare at my little "hug me" gorilla that Sam bought me for Valentine's day two years ago. I can't wait to tell her what a gem her daddy is and how I hope she finds someone just like him when she gets older {...MUCH older...}
Regardless, she is an angel and USUALLY lets me finish up my phone conversations without telling me how hungry she is.

I don't know what I would do if I had to go all day long and not see that adorable face of hers. I know plenty of moms do it, they have no choice. To try to make it easier on Sam, I try to send him a picture or two thru-out the day so he doesn't get to missing his girls TOO too much.
I am just so thankful that during this season of my life God has blessed me with this opportunity to raise my daughter and work at the same time. Praise be to God for this simple, everyday life.


so I maybe can't get enough of my daughter...

and I finally have added more photos to my smugmug site so you can view those on this smugmug link.


I refuse to see the movie before I finish the book, but so far Twilight is a work of art! This is the website of the author and all her books so far. I don't know anything about her, but I do like this book so far.
Bella's Song this is from the movie, so I don't really watch the clips just because I won't know what's going on. but it sure is a beautiful song.


so-called "home cooking"

turns out I recreated a favorite Italian dish of my husband's and mine: chicken orecchetti! To taste the real deal, everyone should really try it at Cafe Verona on the Independence Square. It might be the best Italian dish there is. But, for those who don't want to leave the comfort of their own home...try this VERY easy version :)

1. (1) box of pasta noodles of choice
2. (1) jar of Classico spaghetti sauce {garlic flavored is a good one}
3. (1) jar of Bertoli or Classico Alfredo sauce {regular or garlic flavored}
4. (1) package of Tyson pre-cooked chicken strips
5. 1 tsp salt
6. 1/2 Tbsp crushed red pepper {or more if you like things very spicy}
7. add garlic salt & onion salt as you wish
  • heat the chicken in a skillet with a little olive oil {chicken is already cooked in package so heat time is minimal}
  • boil the noodles {obviously}
  • combine and cook red sauce & white sauce, stirring together to make an orange sauce
  • add in all desired spices and stir into sauce completely
  • combine sauce, noodles and chicken into one pan, mix together, and voila!


8 reasons being Ava's mom is so awesome!

1. I'm never ever lonely because I have a friend with me 24/7 {"you've got a friend" in me is now playing in my head}
2. She always listens and usually doesn't talk back
3. Her eating is a natural weight loss system for me and I LOVE IT!
4. I'm being told she looks just like me, and that's just fun
5. I get to tell her all the things I'm looking forward to for her--like Disney in a few years!!
6. Her taste of music is rubbing off on me and I listen to classical music MUCH more than before
7. She is inspiring my creative side & I'm going to try my hand at making her a soft and fuzzy Patchwork blanket
8. Her chin quivers when she is sad and it melts my heart and makes me want to do anything and everything in this world to make her happy. I can't think of a purer & crazier love.

...to be continued as I get to know her better...


more of Ava

Precious moments that are priceless!


Ava's dad

I wish he still had his hair like this...

ava will be so proud some day that we were once cool. or so we thought...



born 12/1/08 at 7:26pm
weighing in at 10lbs & 2 oz
length: 23 1/2 inches
here is our daughter! I absolutely love being her mom.