(playing catch-up...) week 28

  • Ava's approximate size: 15" {head to toe} and 2.4 lbs.
  • interesting fun fact: blood/nutrients/etc. travels thru the umbilical cord at nearly 4 mph!
  • brain is still developing, making the folds & grooves of a fully developed brain.
  • her hair is getting longer {we're hoping for a full head of dark brown hair :) }
  • lots of things I've been reading about are very encouraging to do the kick-count; babies should move about 10 times w/in the hour {includes hiccups, kicks, etc.} and if she doens't move 10 times then to drink some juice, move around, lay down, just do something to get her going. so I'm trying to get better about that.

Her most active times are right before bed, around 9pm {which, I'm sad to say I had a terrible night sleep on Sunday night and was awake until about 1:30am -- I never knew she was such a night owl! she was moving like crazy!! that MUST stop when she's out of the womb} and she's usually active in the mornings around 9am, and then sometimes after lunch or around 2pm. we like to play together -- she pokes at me and I poke back. it's fun. I sure can't wait to meet her!

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