well turns out me not being with ava today didn't really phase her... :)

it's ok though. today was easier than I was expecting it to be, no doubt something to be thankful to God for. I knew she was in good hands and am so thankful I was sent this picture from Meg while she was watching our little Aves.
work went well, and I'm pretty sure I didn't screw anything up. They want me back tomorrow, so that's somethin, right?...


so I start a new job tomorrow morning. my heart hurts. mainly because I won't get to share every waking minute with my little aves (thanks to cousin C for the coined nickname). I know that I'm being irrational because most of the rest of the population of working women do not get to take their daughter to work with them. BUT, since I have been so blessed and spoiled with my opportunities, I am having to go thru this transition now. I'm hoping it's only short term, as my current job is slow, so I took a job offer at a local university as an administrative assistant for 2 months. So for now, this is the season I'm in, so for that I'm thankful.

on a happier note, Ava is a hoot. Her expressions are priceless. she laughs. she smiles. she sighs. she loves. she snuggles. she sleeps. she rolls. she cries. she lets her puppy dog give her kisses and gazes at him from here swing. she is the best thing that's happened to us and we are so blessed.

looking forward: this Friday she will be 5 months old. 5 MONTHS. wow how time truly flies.


oh the fun we have with this beautiful little girl. a quick update:

this little red bump by her lip :( it's a little blood blister that's been there for about a month now. we're thinking it maybe got pinched by her bottle once, but we're not sure. it broke open yesterday and bled for 3 straight hours. we tried to hold pressure on it, and she finally fell asleep allowing me to hold her purple blanket on it to stop the bleeding. it's a sad scene, she has a white onesie that is covered in blood, along with her blanket. it's better now, still there but at least it stopped bleeding.

her buddy Hayden always takes care of her at work. We won't be seeing as much of him for the next month-2 months because I recently got a new temporary job that will last the next couple months. Once that's over with then hopefully we'll go back and get to see him everyday again.

I think the proof is in the pudding that we hung out with Carolyn and Julia last night...see below...(note: the crown, not the tears)

she's getting stronger and stronger as days go by. she loves propping herself up on her elbows now. she's on her way to quickly being able to crawl.

and, she likes being on her belly so much, she even prefers to eat like that sometimes. doesn't look comfortable at all to me, but she seems to love it. it's easy to see she gets what she wants.


HAPPY EASTER! (2 days late...)

Easter was a fun-filled day with much rejoicing and time with family and friends. Though she is only 4 months old, I can't wait for the day when she claims Jesus as her own. I read her the Easter story on Good Friday, saving the Resurrection part for Sunday. We listened to the wonderful message in church when they unvailed the black cloth from off the Cross and the whole church rejoiced in song and praise.

Sunday afternoon we had some good cousin time. here are some pictures from the fun-filled day:


never has a plumber's crack looked so cute!


4 month check-up

Ava had her 4 month check-up on Friday and all is well! They had to give her more shots (she cried a little, but she's a trooper).

Here are her stats @ 4 months:
WEIGHT: 15 lb 10 oz = 90%
HEIGHT: 25-3/4" = 90%
HEAD CIRC: 42 cm = 75%

we are proud parents. she meets all the developmental skills expeted at 4 months! those include:
GROSS MOTOR: rolls, sits with support, lifts head & shoulders
FINE MOTOR: holds rattle, reaches
LANGUAGE: babbles, coos
SOCIAL: laughs, smiles

the social skills I think are probably her forte. no surprise there. she's also getting better about coo-ing and babbling. sometimes we hear her in the car just babbling to herself. the rattle holding she's working on. she certainly has a good grip (as her cousin Jules found out last night when she about lost a patch of hair due to Ava's accidental grasp of whatever was near, ie: her golden locks). And the gross motor, well she is perfecting her roll. Now she's taken it to a whole new level and decided she's too good to sleep on her back since she has the option of sleeping on her belly. we must've rolled her from belly to back 3 or 4 times last night in attempts to not wake her but still keep her sleeping on her back. To no avail, she woke up to eat. So first things first we fed her. We put her back to bed on her back and we both woke up this morning at 7am to find that she was sleeping soundly in her pack n play...ON HER BELLY. her head was turned to the side, she was breathing fine, and the dr said as long as there are no blankets/animals (stuffed or live I imagine)/pillows in with her and if she is more content and comfortable then don't spend all night flipping her back over. so, to each their own. I know back sleep is best sleep. but I also know that stubborness is a pretty strong trait that runs in our family and no doubt she's carrying that one on (I'm sure my parents are THRILLED of that by the way).

Things we'll be working on at our house to impress the doc for 6 months is:
pulling up to sit; sits with minimal support
raking grasp; regards raisins
single syllables; turns to voice (which she already does that); imitates sounds
feeds self; works for toy

:( wow. feeding herself? saying single syllables? that's only 2 months away!! someone please tell me how to make time stop.


Ava's been very busy today. Here are a few sweet moments captured in time to have forever:

Ava playing in the farm jungle gym at work. This is Hayden being so helpful to be sure her Tai Shan Panda doesn't fall off. What a good little helper in his pajamas and 'cowboy' hat...

We had some peaceful moments today as she slept the morning away. Which is more than I can say she did last night. Though she has been a great sleeper in the past (even earlier this week) last night she was NOT having it. Every time I'd get her to sleep in my arms, I'd lay her down and her dark eyes would immediately open and look right up and me and smile. After the 4th time between 3:30am-4am we just decided it best that we snuggle on the couch and watch the news until we both fell asleep together.

More bouncing in her farm and sucking on her arm. Two things she is very good at even at 4 months old.
smiling and taking up close pictures like a pro.

spending sweet time with her dear old D-A-D

sporting her first pair of blue jeans!!

and what better way to finish off the day than with some family time at home. we watched some Jeopardy, some Wheel of Fortune, and some USA Soccer.

A girl after her daddy's own heart.

So Ava rolled over yesterday! and according to baby center, she did so just in the nick of time! It says 'your 3-month-old's development: week 4' has a new talent for rolling over. I wish we would have recorded it. It was so perfect, almost scripted. We (Sam & I & Ava) were all in her nursery. We changed her diaper & clothes and laid her on her stomach. We were talking to her and telling her to roll on over. She must be a good listener because *BAM* she did it! Next thing we knew she was on her back! both of our jaws dropped and we looked at each other, back at her, and POURED on the positive reinforcement. We are so proud.

a year ago today

Date: 4/1/2008
Location: 54th Street
Information: WE'RE PREGNANT!
People (in order from left to right): Dennis & Lori Lane (aka: Papa & Nana); Nathan Lane (aka uncle Nathan); daddy & mommy; Jim & Caryl Schultz (aka: Papa Jim & Grandma); cousin Carolyn (aka: C); Katie and Julia (aka: aunt Katie & Jules); BJ, Sue and the boys [via telephone] (aka: uncle Beej, aunt Sue, cousins Sam & Joel)
Reactions: smiles, tears, laughs, surprised, not-surprised, overwhelming joy, and the question: is this an april fools joke?!
for the Schultz family: grandbaby #5
for the Lane family: grandbaby #1
for Sam & Jami: the best decision we've made as a married couple and the best blessing God could've ever given us

Oh happy day our 4 month old little one!

We ALL love you!