15w + 2d = softball size!

the doctor visit yesterday went very well. We listened to the heartbeat again, and she said it's at about 145. I told my friend that, she said definitely sounds like a boy to her :) so we'll find out soon! Unfortunately, we have to wait another month before we'll know though. They want us to wait until 19 weeks, when my next check up would be. That way if we have any questions about the sonogram we can ask at the same time as the check up.

our baby is now the size of a softball! I am really starting to show when I wear clothes that flatter my belly, if that's possible. When I just wear t-shirts, I still just look fat like I've let myself go...but that's okay.

Baby should now be 4-4 1/2" long. And though I don't think I've felt it move yet, my book says it should be in the next few weeks....so that'll be awesome!

We're still on the house search, looking for the perfect fit for us. still looking...

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