19w + 1d

since I completely missed week 18...here's what we missed that the baby has been doing:

Baby is gaining fat
Baby can hear me talk now, can hear my heart beat, & can hear familiar voices
In an ultra sound it can even be seen as sucking it's thumb by now

week 19:

Baby is moving and I can feel it! (felt it for the first time on Monday night--and now can notice it thru out the day here and there)
Baby's nerves that connect muscles to the brain have grown into place and it's movements are intentional and conscious now!
Ears stand out on the sides of the head now
Buds for the permanent teeth appear
arms & legs have reached relative proportion
this is my favorite: it's feet are but an 1" long!!! how cute!!!

Monday is the big day when we find out if it's a boy or a girl! I'm thinking about changing the color scheme of my blog to that of pink or blue, depending on the sex obviously. we'll see. I went shopping at Babies R Us and got some more Pooh stuff...

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Matt and Jen said...

I CAN'T WAIT... I can only imagine how you guys are feeling!!!