...were those contractions???

I think I had what my Dr brother calls "warm up contractions" last night...the unfortunate part about that is he said these can last a couple days or even a couple of weeks. So really it just means that my body is getting more and more ready for something catestrophic to happen. but these were more intense than just the B.H. contractions that I've been having. This was like 2-3 minutes long each, and happening every 10-12 minutes, with sharp gas-like pains every few seconds. this whole pregnancy thing is so bizarre!

but no rushed trips to the hospital yet. I don't want to be that girl that gets sent home a couple of times for wrongfully going in...(and, I apologize if you're reading this and you were that girl...no offense intended, I promise). so instead I just call my brother in the middle of the night (ok so it was 9:30pm but that's past my bed time these days!) and ask him if what I'm having is worth reporting. He said "you'll know". so, that sounds a little scarey...and I sure hope that "I know" before she's pushing her own way out!!! boy will he get an earful if that happens...

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