ava is one...

It came, it went, and now Ava is 1.  ONE.  uno.  tomorrow she'll be 20.  the party was great, the guests were so sweet and fun, and mostly she is the best thing ever.  and thanks to my brother, I have some extra-great pics to remember it by.  My very favorite might be the bottom one where you only see the cake and candle and her little innocent finger pointing at it.  precious. 
and, I would like to point out that I did make her cakes :) mostly just because the AVA cake took 2 takes.  my first try was a FAIL.  I couldn't get the cake out of the letter molds.  I didn't even think about the difficulty that I would face getting it to come out.  so round two (and it was going to be my last if it didn't work) involved lots of Pam spray prior to cooking.  I made the icing too, my mom helped me ice them.  there was actually one more cake, a big "1" but those are in my other pics, not uploaded yet.  but it's a 1.  who doesn't know what that looks like right?  anyway, everything turned out great, what a blessing, and mostly I have a healthy, happy 1 year old girl and I couldn't ask for more.