5 days...

what I'm looking forward to most about 12/1/2008:
1. hearing my baby cry & knowing she's okay and healthy
2. seeing her face
3. telling her Jesus loves her more than she can imagine
4. watching my husband be the amazing father that he will instinctivly be
5. coming home as a family of 3
6. not working for 6 weeks :)
7. my feet not looking like this...

{Yes, my ankle truly is fatter/wider than my entire foot. and no, I cannot see my ankle bone.}

As Sunday night approaches I just can't begin to put into words how excited and scared and nervous and anxious and happy I feel. I love knowing that she will be here in our arms no later than Monday. I love knowing that God is loaning us this precious miracle to watch over and care for. This Thanksgiving just might be the most memorable Thanksgiving ever.


...were those contractions???

I think I had what my Dr brother calls "warm up contractions" last night...the unfortunate part about that is he said these can last a couple days or even a couple of weeks. So really it just means that my body is getting more and more ready for something catestrophic to happen. but these were more intense than just the B.H. contractions that I've been having. This was like 2-3 minutes long each, and happening every 10-12 minutes, with sharp gas-like pains every few seconds. this whole pregnancy thing is so bizarre!

but no rushed trips to the hospital yet. I don't want to be that girl that gets sent home a couple of times for wrongfully going in...(and, I apologize if you're reading this and you were that girl...no offense intended, I promise). so instead I just call my brother in the middle of the night (ok so it was 9:30pm but that's past my bed time these days!) and ask him if what I'm having is worth reporting. He said "you'll know". so, that sounds a little scarey...and I sure hope that "I know" before she's pushing her own way out!!! boy will he get an earful if that happens...

12 days til induction...

{it's about time for an update...}
We had our 37 week dr appt on Monday and she said I'm scheduled & in the books to be induced on Monday, 12/1!!! So we actually go in the Sunday night before to get the whole process started. So unless she decides to make plans of her own (and if she's any daughter of mine that just might be her route of choice...) then she'll be here very soon!

Here's my latest project that I started working on for her room...the letters for her wall. I see them in magazines all the time and just love them. So, Katie & I went to JoAnn's last night and sure enough found them for $2.99/letter! what a deal! I was about to order them off ebay, but then I'd have to pay for shipping and everything, blah blah blah, and they were I think $5/letter there. These, all I had to do was paint them white and wa-lah!

and here is an updated picture so far of her nursery and the progress that my brother has made in painting it! isn't it wonderful!?! I just love it. I love going in her room, it's so peaceful. I can't wait for her to get here. She is already so loved!