14w + 6d

My husband has brought it to my attention that my eyes are bigger than my stomach (not literally...). One would think I would start to notice that about myself, but no. Once I decide what sounds good to eat, and once we finally sit down for dinner and I have this full plate of food in front of me, I'm not kidding I take about 5 bites and I can't go much further! It's so unbelievably frustrating. This happens what seems like all the time now. A normal meal for me at taco bell would consist of a Mexican Pizza (no beans), a taco, and pintos & cheese (minus the beans and add meat). Never before have I had a hard time finishing this meal. And two nights ago, I ate half the pizza, half the the meat/cheese/sauce combo, and couldn't even touch the taco! It makes me sad. I can only guess it's due to the large growth that is happening inside of me and maybe is smashing my stomach so it can't hold as much maybe? Whatever it is, it feels like it's a free gasto-stomach surgery that people pay for so they don't eat as much. oh well. Probably for the best so I don't "eat for two" like the cliche goes.

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