one thing I've learned. well, two things.  no, three. 
one, no matter what anyone says, you WILL think your own kids are the cutest on the planet.  that is true across the board. 
two, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!!!  (partly because it's super cute, and partly because it makes for more fun pictures.)
and a third thing I've learned as being a mom to a little girl is to embrace and encourage the pricess within.  God knew what he was doing when he made girls exactly the way they are. 
just perfect and awesome!


If we all could be this real.
If we all could be this happy.
If we all could be this honest.

If we all could wear lasagna on our face and
not care what people thought,
I feel like the world would be a better place.


our mornings start here around 6:30am, give or take 30 minutes.
so today started out with a tea party and some coloring. 

fastforward to about 8:30pm and we ended up with shades, beads and a cowboy hat...

nothing to update on the potty-front...because the first time she went was the only time she's went on her potty chair.  bless her heart she loves to sit on it, but that's' about it. so, patience it is. 



I know you might not be as excited as we are, but we are pretty stoked about this. 

It was this morning, we were getting ready for work.  she sat on the potty...and just sat...and sat.  so I started the water for a bath so I could wash her hair before work.  I wasn't looking at her, I was making sure the water wasn't too hot.  then all of a sudden she stands right up, looks down into her chair, and then in goes her hand.  yep.  that happened.  but I was so distracted by the pee in the tiny pink chair that it really didn't matter that she still had pee on her hand--she peed in the freakin potty chair! 

so that's our house :)


it's all in a day's work, and here's a glimpse at our day:
okay well this last picture didn't get used today.  but it's a start.
she got to pick out her own potty chair last night and she was pretty excited. 
well mainly she gets excited any time we put something in the cart at the store,
and especially when it plays music. and MOSTLY when we tell her it's for her. 
so, from here on out any potty-training advice will be appreciated. 
thanks in advance...


8 months later...
we've been busy, very busy living and loving life and teaching our little girl all sorts of new things. 
here are a few updated pictures of her.  more to come...