Off to a great Saturday morning-headed to the vet with rexy, then buying flowers and stuff for landscaping (if we can agree...:) )

Hoping for some nice weather all day so we can plant our new purchases and add some color to our front yard!

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Welcome to the world baby Zachary!

Born to my cousin Jennifer and her husband Matt, live in Dallas tx!
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beautiful Leisel Jane Schultz!
Happy (late) Easter!


...and we thought pooh was big!
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Last night we had a date night. A relaxing dinner and a movie at home. Ava on the other hand partied hard with her cousins and grandparents! Won't be long before Ava has her own little protege following is her footsteps!
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Pregnancy update: Friday is 25 weeks, 15 weeks to go!

I fell down the stairs the other night...but all is well.

Ava likes to snuggle Bella at night sometimes, which might be what I will miss most about being prego. That and feeling Bella move.

I really do enjoy being pregnant, except I'm so dang tired. But baby is healthy and so am I so all is well!

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test post from my phone

Because it seems easier than my computer sometimes...and because I just figured out how to update from my phone!

If this works, it might just revolutionize my blog updates. Here's to hoping!
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