11w + 2d

I've been doing a little pre-baby online shopping. I was told the other day by a close friend who is a mom of 3 that as much toys and gadgets as her kids have, the ones that have stood the test of time and are still their favorite to play with are the solid, wooden blocks and other wooden, simple toys. so I found these great, unique alphabet/number blocks from landofnod.com that I think I am going to HAVE to get for our kiddo's nursery.

It says for kids ages 1 and up, so we may have to keep them put away for a while. Or maybe I'll just play with them :) And, as Katie & I found out for a previous baby shower that she hosted, they're good for kids to play with, but they're also good for decorating on tables at showers! (her's were way more old fashioned and even more unique looking though).

We're off to the farmer's market today in Kansas City. I want my kid to be normal, obviously, but I definitely want them to have a unique rhythm about them. I don't want them to be just like everybody else. I'm sure every parent probably wants that for their kid though, I don't know. So--to add to that, I'd also like for their nursery to be unique. So I'm on the hunt for uniqueness!

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