10 weeks = a kumquat...???

what's a kumquat you say? The kumquats or cumquats are a group of small fruit-bearing trees in the genus Fortunella related to the Citrus in the flowering plant family Rutaceae, often segregated as a separate genus, Fortunella. The edible fruit (which is also called kumquat) closely resembles that of the orange (Citrus sinensis) but is smaller and oval. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kumquat)

SO--we have what's equivalent to a kumquat growing inside of me!
And I know I've put this link on here before, but this week is way too cool! The little tyke is moving, bouncing and kicking all over the place! Obviously, again, this is not video of MY CHILD, but one similar in age.
I go to the dr again next Friday, 5/16. That will be 11 weeks + 1 day. Last time I was there they said they are planning on doing another ultrasound. So that's cool! I can only imagine how different our baby will look! It has arms & legs now!

Other things on our agenda, Sam's graduating this Friday so we're really excited about that! And Mother's day is this Sunday so we're having a family get together for that (I think), and my cousin gets back from Europe one of these days and is coming over Monday nite for dinner & hopefully picture & story sharing!

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