10w + 4d

well, for starters, let's just say my husband DID pick up on my not so suttle hints about wanting to celebrate mother's day, even though we haven't had our baby yet. He surprised me with tickets to the Tim McGraw concert this summer (6.17.08) at the Sprint Center! So he gets an A+ in my book :)

Turns out my mom has had 2, TWO dreams since I've been pregnant that she's gotten pregnant at the same time! Boy would that be a treat! Our very own real life Father of the Bride Part II!

The whole morning/evening sickness thing is really starting to dwindle, so I am VERY thankful for that. The only real thing I notice these days is sometimes I'll get this wave of I think i'm going to puke...and then it goes away. That usually happens one to two times daily. Other than that I'm peeing more (real interesting...) and I'm gassy. Sam is just LOVING this, I know! :)

I've been reading up on weight gain, and I really have unexpectant expectations of myself. I don't know what to think or expect. I have gained probably 5 pounds so far...and when my mom informed me that not too much weight gain is supposed to even happen quite yet anyway...it got me worried. But since then I've leveled out and haven't gained too much more. So that's good. And, now that I'm thinking about it, this MIGHT be the only time I am very vocal about how much I gain...so that's that!

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