ok so I've been behind on posts lately. it's hard (as I'm sure most all mom's know, especially those who work) to keep everything juggled and up to speed 24/7.
so my priorities are as follows:

#1) daughter & husband
#2) feeding & clothing said family members
#3) bills {this one we are finally getting a hold of...after nearly 3 years of marriage...}
#4) dishes {since I can't feed them w/out clean dishes. well, that's not true. but it sure does make it easier}
#5) laundry {since being fed is more important than having every piece of laundry clean all the time. and I just don't think that's even possible.}
#6) personal hygene {this might be a tie for #4 or #5, it really just depends on the day}.
#7 blog/read/watch movies {these are all pending that the above get done. sometimes #7 gets done even if #3-6 don't, but mostly it's last on the list}

so, those are my reasons for not being caught up. but I WILL get better. I will. someday. when I've mastered all of the above. My day will come. oh yeah--and working full time fits in there somewhere. probably it fits in the parenthesis of why some of them don't get done.

But, we have started recycling! so we're slowly going green. I said S-L-O-W-L-Y. and since I've started making aves' baby food, I feel like we do a few things right. at least it's a step in the right direction. we still drive two gas guzzler cars though, we still buy disposable diapers, and we still spend way too much money on fast food. so we are FAR from with it. but baby steps.


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of your greenness :)

Christina said...

Doin it all is hard, you must be so busy!