first things first. The jury was out on the homemade sweet potatoes, and the verdict is...

I THINK it was skepticism at first, and then I think she decided she likes it!

Plan A for this afternoon was to go to the pool with some friends. She was all ready in her swimsuit and cover up!

and then...it started POURING!!!

needless to say all parties were pretty bummed!!

Plan B: So we made good use of our time. Me, trying my hand at homemade applesauce, bananas and greenbeans for her

ava trying her hardest to get her paci back in her mouth all by herself

and after all that hardwork comes a well-deserved Sunday afternoon nap!

it's moments like this that make being a mommy so fun. it's all part of a big 'ole plan. and I know we can only see our little part of it, but I sure do love the part we've been given!

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