Ava slept from 8:30pm-6:00am last night = 9 1/2 hours solid! (lately she's been waking up around 3am give or take an hour for eating). We have started giving her cereal yesterday and today in the evening. Tonight will be a test (knock on wood!!) to see if this is the secret. But we are loving it.

2nd-ly: we made a visit to a new store tonight for some more awesome tights for little aves. It's in downtown Lee's Summit called Happy Bottomus. They're a Christian family-owned store for babies, mothers (nursing and other), and has tons of the natural toys/shoes/clothes/diapers (cloth), and best of all...TIGHTS! We got 3 pair. I can't stop myself. We also got Ava a little 3 page cloth picture album that she can play with. I really want to go back and get some of the wooden toys. but, another day another dollar. So - my opinion - all mom's should make a visit, either on line or in person. They're open until 6pm on weekdays.

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