mother's day was Sunday and it was celebrated joyfully. Sam took me to breakfast at my FAVORITE place, the Big Biscuit. mmmm. then we spent time with both sets of parents, and of course, our own daughter. I actually celebrated mother's day last year for fun, since I was pregnant and counted it. some people do, some people don't. I do.
Sam remembered like the great dad that he is that it was mother's day. (not to mention that i forewarned him several days in advance, JUST to be sure.) and he was so sweet, he printed up 4 black & white photos of me and ava when she was first born and framed them for me.
here are some memories from sunday...

C, A & J

Ava intent with this poor bunny's ear...

my mom, me, and my daughter: 3 generations

I love being ava's mommy

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