A few things I've learned this week, been reminded of, and am utterly and completely grateful for...

1. (learned) that I have not mastered the skill of walking in heals. I own 1 pair. they're black, open toe, and backless. any time I need to wear heals, those are my crown jewels. and the only reason I own them is because we were a little early for our West Wing Tour and there was a sign right in front that said NO FLIP FLOPS. I should've known better, but that's how I got those.

2. (learned) that my child, my baby girl, is now wearing size 2 diapers, eats cereal now like a champ, and gets the joke now that SHE is the reason we laugh so much. She now joins in.

3. (learned) that thru my husband and I both getting new jobs (at least for the time being) God is stretching us. I've always heard the term and in times past have though whew, glad that's not me. But now I AM glad it's me. He's slowly allowing me to step back and sort of see what he's doing with our lives and that this puzzle we call our life, he really is putting the pieces together for us in more complete ways then we even know how to ask for. God is good. Better than good. Great.

4. (reminded) that even a 5 month old has a heart of gold and loves her mommy and daddy with all of it. she hugs, she kisses, and she sucks on my nose.

5. (reminded) of how much I adore her and her little dimples.

6. (utterly grateful) for all of the above AND below...
thank you God.

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