decisions, decisions, decisions.

though work things are up in the air, there are a few things that stand firm.
1. Jesus
2. my love for my family
3. their love for me.

these 3 things hold me together. everything else could fall apart. but these things keep me balanced and for that I'm so thankful.
(more picture posts to come hopefully this evening.)

and this is an email I got from megan who's watching aves today:
So apparently Ava has learned a new game :) halfway through eating her
squash, she decided to start blowing raspberries with food in her
mouth...... :D I would give her a bite, she would stick out her tongue and
lower lip and start spitting, and I would say "Ava Mae...." all
serious-like, and she would open her eyes really wide, and then grin and
look away like "I have no idea of which you are speaking......"
;-D great kid!

agh! I can't wait to get home and hang out with her and sammy tonight!!!

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