today's 8 weeks! Check out this website! It claims that our baby is now the size of a pinto bean. (if you can't tell, I love relating the size of our baby to as many different foods as possible!) And this website has realistic pictures of what the baby (not OUR baby, but some baby) actually physically looks like right now! I'm impressed.

My friend Holly (lives in California) is due with her baby, Mikayla (?) today! Funny story about Holly, she didn't find out she was prego til she was 4 months in! Can you imagine?! She went in for her first doctor's visit, found out she and her baby girl inside her were healthy and fine, and that she was due 5 months later! talk about a SHOCKER!!! I personally like having 7 more months to get ready!

I stopped by Barnes & Noble last night and added to my pregnancy book collection. I bought the bible of all pregnancy books, What to Expect When Expecting (except I think mine is a revised one from this, maybe volume 4 or something like that). and for my husband (because all husbands should do some pre-baby reading too!) I bought him She's Having a Baby and I'm Having a Breakdown. This one is more of a comic relief book, even though it does have some very good points in there. It's just good stuff for him to know about what I'm going thru without me nagging him about every thing that I'm going thru. (who's kidding who...he'll probably read it AND experience it 100% from me too for the full effect :) wouldn't want him to miss out on any details!)

And one more book to add to my reading collection is Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. This is the one we're starting in our small group at church, Lakeland Community Church. It's me, my sister-in-law, and 4 other great ladies at church that have become close friends.

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