7 weeks = 1/2" blueberry

Here is a picture, though obviously not my own child, makes me that much more excited for Sam & I to have our own! This is me and my niece Julia. This might have been the turning day in our relationship, we went shopping and she napped on me for about 45 minutes, and ever since we have just clicked!

Last week our baby did a lot of growing and doubled in size!! We went from having a limabean to now a blueberry!

Although my "morning" sickness (but from here on out we'll call it EVENING sickness, because that's when it always seems to set in) hasn't been unbareable, it is noticable. I've learned the more frequently I eat, the better I always feel. So...looks like a win win for me!

Aside from my original baby purchase months before we knew one was in the making, (his/her first Gap onezie that says admi(RED)), my first purchase is a bella band. All the reviews read like it was a great product, and would help keep me in my street clothes a little longer before starting in prego-clothes. Then, post-delivery it helps keep everything in place as my body gets back close to the way it once-upon-a-time was.

And something else to look forward to is a Moses Basket from my sister-in-law Sue, who recently (last Christmas, in fact) had her own new baby. I'm SO excited about this!!

Our family seems to have a trend, Christmas time (give or take a month or two) babies are born! This Christmas will make the 5th consecutive year for us!

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