7w + 3d

well Sam & I got a taste of a lot of nieces & nephews this weekend! and it was welcomed with open arms!! Friday and Saturday we got to spend a lot of time with Joel & Samuel, and Saturday night Carolyn had a sleepover at our house and we went to church this morning and got to see Jules. It's great practice for the newby to come.

So far, we now have a Moses Basket, some diaper rash cream and other baby lotions, a white changing table on the way with 6 baskets included (at sister-in-laws), a crib on the way (at sister-in-laws), and a bassonette in our garage for future use! We are getting so set with nursery items from family (experienced mothers) that are being very gracious, that now we will be able to save up and buy a couple of bigger items that we really will want/need and might not be given.
here are some things I have my eye on:
http://www.landofnod.com/family.aspx?c=561&f=44&pc=61 Armoire from Land of Nod
http://www.poshtots.com/catalog/product_detail.asp?product_id=10563&basket_item_id=623003&page_action=edit&category_id=0 This is really cool website where you can select your own style of rocking chair and fabric to go with. If we decide to go this route, I think we both agree on the "Ophilia" fabric with the gliding ottoman that matches.

we're on our way! And we're toying with the idea of making the baby's room theme Winnie the Pooh, but not overwhelmingly so. My mom is VERY talented at quilting, so she'll be making the baby's quilt & bumper pads. We might just do the quilt in Pooh, and then color match the room & the pads, etc. to the blanket. We'll see. that might change 10 more times in the next few months...

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