8w + 3d

Last night Sam & I had the opportunity to volunteer at church, like we do once a month, for an evening called Respite Care. It is a chance for families who have kids with physical/mental disabilites to have an evening of relaxation to do whatever they please and we play with their kids for 3 hours. With divorce rates rising, especially for those who have kids with disabilities, this is our chance to give back. But I feel that at the end of the night, more times then not it is them who teach me something about this world, and about our God. Our pastor put it best: these children may be different, but they are so beautifully and wonderfully made! And it is so true. These precious children have so much love to give. I just hope that if for some reason Sam and I are blessed with a child like this, we have the same compassion and love that I see in these parents of their kids. I hope we can love them as much as God intended for parents to love their children.

On a different subject, my mom is a FABULOUS quilter! and she is great at baby quilts, bumper pads, big quilts, you name it! SO--I can't wait, she's making this Winnie the Pooh quilt for our baby and it's going to be adorable! The bumper pads are going to be made out of the same colors that match the quilt. That way, once we find out that it's a boy or girl, we can make it work with whatever color we decide to paint the nursery.

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