6w + 2d

nothing to write home about today.
looking foward to next week though, definitely. A week from tomorrow is our first doctor's appointment. That will be exciting. We'll get to meet our dr., and, in a way our baby for the first time. We're really hoping to get a sonogram this soon, just to know for sure how far along we are. It would be interesting either way, if we're right on, OR if we find out that we're really ten weeks along...then I'd have some reading and some mental catching up to do on the growth of our little one!!

On our near-future agenda: getting our 55lb pouncing lab into as many dog training classes as possible! I think he'll be a great family member once our baby gets here, but for now he still has SO much puppy in him. Can't blame him for that, but we hopefully can train some of it out of him. So we're on the hunt for just the right classes. My sister-in-law referred me to some friends of hers that do dog training classes. We might also check out the local PetSmart, we've been up there several times and see classes going on during Saturday mornings. I think Rex (our pooch) has great potential, he just needs to be taught better than what Sam & I know how. (feel free to leave any and all suggestions for good classes, as well as bad ones not to take.)

One thing I have learned (and have been told by older and wiser folks) is that owning a puppy is a great thing PRIOR to having children. And, obviously what little I know about motherhood, being a mommy to a puppy definitely has stretched my patience--a very well-needed lesson. Hopefully this has been sufficient training (as we now only have less than 8 months to go!).

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