6w + 3d

It's an on-going "discussion" at our house as to whether or not being pregnant constitutes a mother's day gift. I say yes. Sam says no. I wonder how many other couples have this same discussion. I mean, I'd get him a father's day gift, it just so happens though that mother's day is coming up sooner than father's day...so it only seems fitting...right? :) I guess I'll just have to wait and see how convincing my argument really is when that day comes.

approaching week 7, and according to my journal 'morning sickness' sets in between 7-12 weeks. SO...something to look forward too...

oh and one more thing! I was browsing thru pregnancy & new babies websites the other day and found one that sends out bracelets for new & expecting moms!!! so, of course, I registered and I just got my very own pink & blue (since I don't know what it is yet) "Mommy To Be" bracelet today! yay!!

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