This is long overdue...nonetheless I'm super excited. We changed up Ava's closet, revamped it if you will. We had a cute changing table in there, which was good for at first, though I'm not sure we EVER changed her on it...mostly it held stuff. In speaking with my sister-in-law the other day I was mentioning how I wanted to get some cute cubbie-type-things for Ava's closet to get more organized. her reply? "come with me". and voila! She gave me the cutest cubbie-cabinets ever! her girls were done with them and they were just waiting for a new home.
and going along with yesterday's post about my brother's painting expertise...see below

My pictures don't do it justice because he actually did the tree EXACTLY like the below, high tree branch and all. and this is all we gave him to go off of, along with asking him to flip the tree to the other side, and not add in any characters...we think he did an amazing job. He's out for hire by the way :) want to spice up your kids' room? gives 'accent wall' a whole new meaning!
Lastly, and completely unrelated, here's Ava playing with a picture of my grandma Purdy, her great grandma, who she was never fortunate enough to meet. actually, I bet they were friends in Heaven. either way I know she would've loved her just as much as I did. so her picture is in her room in a little Ava-sized frame and sits on her night stand.

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Caryl said...

I'm sure Ava's Great Grandma Purdy is smiling down from Heaven on her right now and would love to give her a big hug and kiss :)