I sit here, an every day saturday evening, and I am so thankful. thankful for my life. for my healthy family. for my happy daughter. for our safe home. thankful for the hope and security of what awaits us after this life (ie: Jesus). for food in our bellies. for all the things we could ever want and need that are already here in our house. other than keeping food in the pantry, there's not much more we could want for. and yet we still waste money on such trivial things. I'm thankful for our jobs. 6 months ago our lives looked a lot different on the job front. sam wasn't happy where he was, and I wasn't sure if my current job was even an option due to the economy sucking and work being so slow. like many americans, that was (and very much is for some) a normal fear in this day and age. today it's a completely different picture for our family. sam enjoys what he does, and I, well I get to take my daughter with me to a job that I already loved. I couldn't ask for more. to get to see my child grow, learn, laugh, sleep, and the list goes on.

I was going thru some blogs that I've found inspiring in the past and I know God is at work in their lives, and they're not looking for sympathy, but my heart goes out to them. me and my nieve self with the 'ignorance is bliss' mentality. these families have so much on their plate, I can't imagine being in their shoes. yet these women do it with such grace and honor. my heart goes out to them.

carol decker

I'd give you a run down on their lives (from what I know from watching their blogs), but I don't want to make either of them seem so trivial. so I won't. but it is worth your time.

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