along with raising children, job-sorting, and a vast variety of other things I hope to do with my husband in this lifetime, looking back to what we've done is also fun. we started dating in october of 2005. we went to hawaii with some family friends in december of '05 (see below). were engaged in april '06. married in august '06. that's only 10 months. I never thought about that until just now. wow.

when I say it like that, I can hardly believe that it all happened so fast. at the time it felt like everything took F-O-R-E-V-E-R because I couldn't wait for our wedding. at the same time, we had a little more history than just 'started dating in october'. we went back further, being classmates, to friends, to sweethearts, to enemies, to friends, to sweethearts again, and finally to soulmates. and that's our story in a nut-shell... and I love it.

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