ok ferber MIGHT be on to something, but not wanting to jinx myself, the jury is still out. I will say this though:

night 1 took about 45 minutes of ava crying, us checking on her, laying her down, telling her we love her, kissing her, and leaving the room over, and over, and over again.
night 2 took about 15 minutes of ava crying, us checking on her maybe at most 4 times, doing our routine, and she was asleep. AND, when she awoke at 3:30am this morning it took only 1 time for us to go in, lay her down, and she went right back to sleep.
nap time is (knock on wood) a breeze so far. I still usually have to check on her once and lay her back down, but then she goes to sleep seemingly happy.

I'm hoping that this weekend we can seal the deal. here's to hoping. they say that babies can have relapses though so I'm still skeptical, but last night baby was in her crib and we were in our bed, everyone where they should be.

*I forgot to mention the reason we started this. It's not because we are tired of snuggling with her at night time. Quite the opposite actually. I love it when Sam would go get her in the middle of the night, he'd lay her on my chest, she'd slowly snuggle in and slide to the side and there we would lay. however the other night she was awake, I wasn't, and apparently was 1 step away from crawling right off our kind-of tall bed. by the grace of God sam woke up just in time to grab her and bring her back. and it's not just the floor that awaits her, it's our wooden foot-bed thing at the end of our bed that she would've hit on the way down. So we really had NO other choice but to nip this in the bud immediately.

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