I found this to be very insightful:

"Love in the purest form comes from a willing and open heart to make your life about someone else."
see philandlacy for more
Sam & I are doing the "Love Dare" book together (though it will take us much longer than 40 days to complete, seeing as how we've had it a week and are thru day 3...). (and the "Love Dare" book comes from the movie FireProof). But it gives you much to think about when truly thinking about HOW we are supposed to love our spouse. I am no expert, but I am excited about our 3 year anniversary coming up next month. and I want to be one of those marriages that truly was made to stand the test of time. This is a fun, somewhat challanging journey we can do as a couple. and I find it in good timing that Lacy posted the above quote because pretty much that's exactly what we need to do. so, thanks Lacy.

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Anonymous said...

This is so weird, been thinking about this all night last night. Marriage is definitely a work in progress, and you seem to have that down! Best of luck Aves mommy. And an early happy anniversary!