what else to do on a saturday morning when your daughter wakes you up at 6:30am...

here is a collage (click here for a larger picture of it) of some of ava's best friends so we can look back at when she was 7 months old and remember who her crew was. (grandparents and the rest of the family was mainly excluded for no other reason except that of course we know you are in her life and love her. some other day, maybe next saturday at 6:30am I'll make a family one...we'll see.)

From left to right: cousin Joel. friend Connor. friend Rachel. friend Hayden. cousin Julia. (her one true love) daddy. aves herself. (her BFF) mommy. friend Rowan. cousin Carolyn. friend Alec. cat Jaxon. friend Haley. dog Rexy. cousin Sam.

I'm excited to see how her circle will expand as she gets older. Too bad we can't ALWAYS pick her friends for her. What happened to the good-ole-days when parents could choose the girl's husband? I think I would like that opportunity. Then again, probably not worth the trade-off of her possibly hating us for the rest of her life.

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