on the note of not keeping up with the baby book, I should also say that right around 6 months she started sitting up on her own, and pulling up to her hands and knees. no crawling forward still, but much backing-up and doing 360's. and somehow ALWAYS ending up OFF of the blanket we put her on, no matter how big or small the blanket.

she jabbers a ton, which I could listen to all day long instead of the radio because it's so cute. sometimes I think she's trying to sing along with the songs. she just goes and goes. one of these times we'll get it on video.

and she is getting more and more bashful. if sam or I are holding her and someone comes up to talk to her, she'll turn and bury her face into our chest. It's just priceless. Other times she charms them with her smile and dimple. and when she gets REALLY excited she starts jumping in our arms, with her legs and arms flailing every which way and she can't really contain her excitement. It just has to get out.

yeah, she's pretty darn cool.

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